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  • Essay On Cetaceans

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    Unlike others who may be writing on the medical aspects and applications of mammalian genetics, such as specific types of cancer genetics or stem cell differentiation, my topic will discuss perhaps the not as applicable, but by no means less interesting radiation, biodiversity, and phylogenetic relationships among cetaceans. This topic is of major interest to me because of my fascination with the origin and evolution of life on earth. When I was younger I had an ambition to become a paleontologist

  • Gerenuk Research Paper

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    a gazelle's body; it is a strange, semi-familiar creature, a caricature of the savanna, a creature that sprang out of Dr. Seuss's outlandish books. But it isn’t fiction…it’s a gerenuk. The gerenuk's full name is Animalia Chordata Mammalia Cetartiodactyla Bovidae Litocranius Walleri, but in the scientific world it’s usually referred to as Litocranius walleri. Some people call it the “giraffe-necked gazelle,” due to its long neck; the “Waller’s Gazelle,” after the European who first classified

  • Information on the Distinctive White Beluga Whale

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    Monodont family with one other species, Monodon monoceros, otherwise known as the narwhal. They are in the sub-order Odontoceti, which contains 74 species, and the order Cetacea, which contains 89. This in turn is part of the mammalian clade Cetartiodactyla. 3) Beluga whales are born dark gray, but within 8 years their coloration changes to a distinctive white. The species sexually dimorphic, whith males roughly 25% larger than females. Males weigh between 1,100 and 1,600 kg and are 3.5-5.5 m in

  • Study Of Evolution Of Mitochondria Through Different Species Of Plants And Animals Essay

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    Title: Study of Evolution in Mitochondria through different species of plants and Animals. Aayushi Shah shah.947 ID#:200404635   Title: Study of Evolution in Mitochondria through different species of plants and Animals. ID#:04635   Introduction: - The mitochondria is a double membrane organelle that is found in all eukaryotic organisms. There is some evidence that proves some eukaryotes lack mitochondria, but there is no true evidence about complete lack of mitochondria in the organisms

  • An Industry Study on the Intensive Pig Farming Industry

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    Executive Summary Intensive pig farming is an agricultural industry that operates by raising live pigs for slaughtering which will then be turned into pork for human consumption. Piggeries, as the firm is called, serve as a major food source in the Philippines, with the highest grossing per capita consumption among red meats. The industry is fairly attractive to investors as its high capital requirement and risky nature is effectively balanced out by the steady demand of a readily available market