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    The song “Under Pressure” by Queen, best relates to my character of Liesel Meminger from the “Book Thief” written by Markus Zusak. This song connects to Liesel’s life by relating to the loved ones she's lost, and how the society and world around her affect her. This song connects to my character by talking about the destruction and rupture of love. “Keep coming up with love but it's so slashed and torn” is a quote from the song talking about how they keep coming up with love and it's being

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    History is about the present as much as it is concerned with the past because the past forms the foundation of how things are today which will also become history in years to come. As my own practice is music heavily influenced by the west, I will be exploring the definition of Orientalism and The Primitive and Pagan in Contemporary Art with some analysis of their long history before identifying their effects on today’s western music. Famous orientalist, Edward Said, explained in his book ‘Orientalism’

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    The Fennec Fox, also known as the “desert fox”, is the national animal of Algeria. It is a small, nocturnal fox found in North Africa. Its huge ears are its most distinctive feature, that they use to dissipate heat. They have adapted to live in a desert environment. They weigh about 1.5–3.5lbs, with a length between 24–41 cm, is about 20.3cm tall and live up to about 14 years, also their ears are between 10-15 cm long. The Fennec Fox is an omnivore. They mainly eat plants, rodents, insects, birds

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