Chemical properties

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  • The Properties of Chemical Reactions

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    Properties of Chemical Reactions Ms. Whitty, Science 10 Fiona Adams, November 1st, 2012 Introduction Chemical reactions are a part of our daily lives, from rusting metal to making bread to leaves changing colour in the fall. A chemical reaction is the process that occurs when two or more substances combine to produce a chemical change. When a chemical reaction takes place, the change is indicated by one or more qualitative properties. The colour or odor could change, gas could be produced

  • Lab Equipment And Chemical Properties

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    Abstract: The purpose of this lab is broken into two parts. The first is to identify the unknown compound by identifying its physical and chemical properties. Using various tests, the collected can be used to compare compounds to the UWC. The second part of identifying the compound is synthesizing the compound and then testing the created compound. The information gathered from days one and two were used to compare and verify the results. Introduction: Given the unknown compound, the goal was

  • The And Chemical Properties Of Artificial Acids

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    Abstract: In this experiment, we made an artificial ester called pentyl ethanoate, also known as pentyl acetate, and analyzed its physical and chemical properties. The method used in the experiment is an esterification reaction. We synthesized pentyl ethanoate by mixing equal amounts of 1-pentanol and ethanoic acid in the presence of a few drops of sulfuric acid, which is a strong acid catalyst. The mixture of the reactants was heated for ten minutes in a hot-water bath at a temperature of sixty

  • Chemistry : The Chemical And Physical Properties Of Chemistry

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    concerned with atoms, molecules, chemical elements and how they form compounds and undergo reactions. This science gave humanity the chance to understand not only the chemical and physical properties of chemical elements and compounds, it unlocked endless opportunities for humans to prepare, find, and use these elements in every field and aspect in their daily life. This includes engineering, medicine, nutrition, scientific research, experiments and industries. A chemical element is a species of atoms

  • Investigating Chemical Properties Of When The Molecule

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    confirmation) could be isomerized to dimethyl fumarate (trans confirmation) by heat, light, or bromine. In order to investigate chemical properties of when the molecule is in a chiral vs. achiral environment, enantiomers of carvones were compared. Enantiomers and diastereomers are the two classes of stereoisomers. Stereoisomers are molecules that have the same chemical formula, but differ in their three-dimensional arrangement in space. Enantiomers are mirror images of each other that are non-superimposable

  • Periodic Trends Of Chemical And Physical Properties

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    Periodic Trends of Chemical and Physical Properties in Group 1A and 7A Hamish Thomson, Chemistry 11.2, Mr Ryan O’Sullivan Intro: In chemistry, there are two classes of observable properties matter can display; chemical and physical. These properties are classified by what needs to happen to the substance before the property becomes evident. Chemical properties require a chemical change while physical properties don’t need a chemical change to occur. Four properties of the alkali metals and halogens

  • Diamonds : Unique Chemical And Physical Properties

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    Diamonds Diamonds are commonly known for their stunning lustre, representing innocence and constancy. Not only do diamonds have tremendous admiration for their beauty and meaning, their unique chemical structure gains appreciation from scientists across the globe. The word diamond originates from the greek word adamas, which means indestructible. Provided diamonds are the hardest substance on the planet, the definition has significant reason (Helmenstine, n.d.). Having an estimated age of 3.2 billion

  • Chemical Properties Of Neon Research Paper

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    universe. Physical properties The physical properties of neon include state,appearance,smell,density,boiling point,and melting point. The state is (20°c). The appearance is colorless,smell is odorless,the density is (.9g/l). The boiling point is (24.107k),and the melting point is (24.56k). Neon is also the second brightest noble gas after Helium. This element can also be watched using measurement or our human senses. Chemical properties Chemical properties of Neon are

  • Essay about Physical and Chemical Properties Lab

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    Performed: 02/05/2013 Submitted: 02/06/2013 Section 1: Title Physical and Chemical Properties Section 2: Purpose This labs is intended to help me investigate chemical and physical properties of pure substances. Section 3: Procedure In this experiment, I observed substances in their natural state, and recorded their apparent physical properties. I then tested the substances to determine how they react when their natural environments were altered. The pure substances were tested to see

  • Chemical Substances : Chemical Agent With Corrosive Properties And A Potential Weapon Of Mass Destruction

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    Introduction • Chlorine is widely used industrial chemical agent with corrosive properties and a potential weapon of mass destruction. • At standard temperature and pressure exists as Greenish-yellow color gas with suffocating pungent odor. Under high pressure or low temperature, it turns to clear, amber-colored liquid.1 • Chlorine is heavier than air, and therefore it will remain near the ground in areas with little air movement.1 • It is used in water treatment, household cleaning products