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  • Weaknesses Of My Strengths In Junior Honor Society

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    where many of the best players from all around the world participated in. Not much after this, in November, I played in the World Youth Chess Championships held at Slovenija, where I had the chance to play with players from Italy, Ireland, India, UK, Kenya, Equador and others. I am very grateful for all what I have accomplished and gained experience from Chess, it has not only provided me with improving my critical and fast thinking skills, but it also contributed to my leadership skills, meeting

  • Descriptive Essay On A Chess Match

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    As my dad was free from his company’s projects, I asked him for a chess match. My dad softly agreed, “Ok son, good luck to you”. I took out the chess board from the drawer. Quickly putting the pieces to their positions, we started challenging each other, “Dad, you definitely lost this time”. I opened the match by moving the pawn two squares, without contemplating, my dad also replied with a pawn’s move. We managed to process the match quite painstakingly quick: after 10 minutes, we were to the middle

  • Qhetorical Analysis On 'Quose'

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    that humility through silence is better than speaking on yourself and being labeled a fool when put to the test. This still proves to be true today, and can be applied in everyday life. Imagine a student, with no knowledge of chess, sitting amongst students in the chess club. They are having a conversation about a winning technique he is unfamiliar with. It is safe to assume that he feels futile compared to them. Is he better off trying to prove himself on no ground, or remain stay silent and listen

  • Joy Luck Club Analysis

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    The Joy Luck Club is a book about the struggles of Chinese women and their daughters integrating into American society. Several patterns occur throughout many of the families throughout the book. Daughters’ independence and rebelling against their mothers, repetition of their mother's past actions, and the daughters misunderstanding their mothers. These all contribute to the pattern and themes that repeat in the book. First, is the daughter's independence and rebelling against their mother's rules

  • Symbolism In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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    Rules of the Game is a vignette from Tan’s novel, The Joy Luck Club. Lindo’s daughter, Waverly Jong, was taught “the art of invisible strength,” a lesson learned from her mother to help her become a child chess prodigy. At Christmas, a fellow church member of the Jong’s dressed as Santa Claus and handed out Christmas gifts. Waverly got a multipack box of Lifesavers, and one of her brothers got a secondhand chess set that was missing two pieces. Waverly convinced her brothers, to let her play by offering

  • The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan could be about any Culture or Generation

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    The Joy Luck Club Lost in Translation Amy Tan said in the People Magazine in 1989 about her novel, The Joy Luck Club, “The book could be about any culture or generation and what is lost between them.” Amy Tan reveals that the mothers try to pass on their Chinese heritage and teach their American-born daughters to avoid the mistakes the mothers made growing up in China. However, the daughters often see their mothers’ attempts at guidance as attempting to control their lives. The mother and daughter

  • Essay On Hi Grandma Bubbles

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    Hi Grandma Bubbles, I've been wanting to reach out to you, things have been really busy as my school year reaches midterms and my athletics season heats up. In terms of school, I have been having a great year, I enjoy all of my classes and they are all going very well. This year I am the president of the junior class, so I have been very focused on raising money for our grade and planning the junior prom in the spring. We have held events such as spirit day and badminton tournaments in order to raise

  • Relationships Between Mothers and Daughters in Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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    Relationships Between Mothers and Daughters in Tan's The Joy Luck Club “Now the woman was old.  And she had a daughter who grew up speaking only English and swallowing more Coca-Cola than sorrow.  For a long time now the woman had wanted to give her daughter the single swan feather and tell her, “This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions.”  And she waited, year after year, for the day she could tell her daughter this in perfect American

  • Speech : ' The Last Move '

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    from defeat. It was the start of my sixth grade school year and my parents told me that I had to join either a club or a sport and if I didn’t they would pick one for me. Fearing what my parents would choose I immediately set to work on finding something to do. There were plenty of teams and clubs to join, but most didn’t interest me until I stumbled upon a chess club flyer. Chess club drew my attention because the flyer mentioned it was a board game and in my younger years board games were my favorite

  • Why I Want To Become A Mechanical Engineer

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    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I wanted to become a car racer. Why? I wanted to buy batteries from my father and so I wanted to become a car racer. This was one of my dreams when I was a child. Strange isn’t it. Such a big world and you wouldn’t want to choose a single dream. I consider myself very different from others. I have seen many dreams but never have stuck to a single one. But when it is time to decide your future, I would love to pick out my best one. One of my best dream was becoming a mechanical