Chester County, Pennsylvania

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Pursuit Of Free Education

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    realized that education could be my way out of poverty. I buckled down and tried to take advantage of the free education provided to us by the government. The more I learned, the more I realized that my goal in life was to help those in need. West Chester is an excellent university for me because they match my passion for human rights and diversity. As an African-American man, I believe that everyone is entitled to the same rights and opportunities. While growing up impoverished, I found ways to help

  • The High Student Body Nationwide

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    Throughout numerous elementary schools nationwide, various educational, mental, social, physical, and health concerns have been brought about. These concerns begin to emerge as a result of unjust or unwarranted instances that effect faculty, staff, and especially the student body in the elementary schools. These concerns have caused legal and federal cases to arise in order to resolve and correct the issues for the student body nationwide. There has been a tremendous amount of important, vital, and

  • K & J, Chicago, York City, New Jersey, Washington, D.c, And Detroit Essay

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    K & J Name: K&J Location: Philadelphia-based, with locations in New York City, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Detroit Description of Services: K&J, based in Philadelphia, was founded by John and Khalifa in 2010. ?K&J ?produces and supplies hardware and building supplies. We provide and sell a wide range of hardware products and home improvement appliances such as tools, home decor, electrical appliances, lumber, plumbing and more. John and Khalifa completed their undergraduate ?in the Philadelphia

  • Hardeman County Research Paper

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    where they are from, and the county that they live in. It is important for children to know these things for various safety reasons. The importance of this importance spreads to various ways of life. One important reason of knowing your county is for weather purposes, emergency alert purposes, and for voting purposes. In 1823 Hardeman County was founded by two smaller counties to make one. The previous counties were Hardin County and Indian Lands. Hardeman county is named after Thomas Jones

  • Business Proposal for Library at the Exton Campus of Delaware County Community College

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    4 Benefits???????????????????????????????.6 Business Requirements and Cost Analysis?????????????????...8 Conclusion??????????????????????????????9 BACKGROUND I am proposing for a library to be put into the Exton campus of Delaware County Community College. There is currently not a library at this location. In order to have the use of a campus library we must go to the main campus of the college, which is approximately thirty to forty minutes from the Exton location. There are many

  • The Molly Maguires Essay

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    People of many different nationalities settled in Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines. Conflicts developed not only among people of different cultural backgrounds but also between laborers and owners of the mines. The struggle between labor and management is illustrated in the story of the Molly Maguires, an Irish group which settled in eastern Pennsylvania. The Molly Maguires were perhaps the most gruesome chapter in the history of Pennsylvania. The violent and dramatic case of these people is

  • The Innocence of the Paxton Boys Essay

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    the Conestogas, what they did is justified by the aggressive behavior shown by the Indians. I will now present evidence to prove this conclusion. My first piece of evidence is from a speech made by Little Abraham, a Mohawk sachem, to colonial Pennsylvania officials and Indian Leaders: "You [...] made Plantations there and spoiled their hunting grounds, they [French-allied Delawares] then complained to us [...] and [we] found their complaints to be true. [...] [...] Our advice to you is, that you

  • Community Assessment Paper

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    Community Assessment: Reading, Pennsylvania Judith Giorgio Western Governor’s University Abstract This paper is an assessment of the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. It will describe the city with a focus on the population, economic situation, culture, neighborhood and safety factors. It will also look at what the city has in place in case of a disaster. From this data, I will interpret the overall status of the community and formulate a logical community diagnosis. Community Description

  • Artists Most Closely Associated with Snyder County, PA

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    The artists that are today most closely associated with Snyder County are: The Reverend George Geistweite, Henry Young, and Francis Portzline. There are others like Frederick Kuster, Johann Conrad Trevits, Daniel Diefenbach, and Daniel Otto who probably never lived or worked within the geographical confines of what is today Snyder County, but were close enough to produce work for local families and influenced and were influenced by the works of others within this region. Also, some important artists

  • Johnstown Flood Essay

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    McCullough presents a meticulously researched, detailed account of the Johnstown Flood of May 31st 1889, which provides arguments for why the disaster was both “the work of man” and “a visitation of providence”. However, it is apparent that McCullough believes that man was more responsible than nature/god for the extent of the catastrophe. In McCullough’s opinion, the storm that caused the flood was no more than the inevitable stimulus of the disaster, whereas the deferred maintenance and poor repairs