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  • Chicago

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    Chicago When I first watched Chicago at the movie theater, I was not fully satisfied. I wanted more, so I went back to get some and watched it six more times with different friends and family members! Last summer during a visit to my native Mexico City, I had the opportunity to watch drag queens perform several numbers from the movie-musical. They did an amazing job, without surpassing the outstanding performances of the actors in the film. Last year, I visited NYC for the first time and indulged

  • Wrestling In Chicago : The Windy City In Chicago

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    nothing compares to the Windy City! With NXT Takeover and Backlash having took place in Chicago last week, it’s only fitting to write this. Consistently ranked as the best or one of the best wrestling cities in the world by sites like Wrestlezone, Sportster, Bleacher Report and acknowledged by WWE and its wrestlers, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. So here are 5 reasons why wrestling is best in Chicago. ________________________________________________________________________ The Crowd

  • Chicago Chinatown

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    Chinatown Square was detected with toxins, which cost $400,000 and a long period of time to cleanup. Even though the Chinatown Square went through a lot of difficulties, the city of Chicago showed their support of the project by contributing $7.2 million and offered to build needed streets, sewers and sidewalks. (Chicago-Chinatown, 1996)1 As soon as the project of Chinatown Square started, another issue arose. That is, the lack of coordination of the present business restaurants owners. Chinatown

  • Violence In Chicago

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    Chicago, a city well known for its bold architecture, amazing food and fascinating museums. A paradise for people to expand upon their brilliant ideas such as Oprah Winfrey and the President of the United States. With a population of 2,722,389 (according to the United States Census Bureau) Chicago takes home the third largest city in the nation . A better place than this would sound unrealistic but to every beautiful story there's an ugly secret. The city has been infected with a large outbreak killing

  • Chicago the Musical

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    Chicago Launched in 1975, the musical Chicago, created by a talented pair of composers and producers that included both John Kander and Fred Ebb later known as Kander and Ebb. Kander was born on March 18, 1927 in Kansas City, Missouri. His exposure to music began at an early age as a result of having had tuberculosis as a baby. During this time, Kander was cut off and not allowed to be around other people, that separation developed his ability for sound. Kander started piano lessons at the

  • Communities in Chicago

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    | Communities in Chicago | | By: Mike Miller | 12/7/2012 | Mike Miller History 111 David Johnson Research Paper Chicago has a history steeped in growth of infrastructure, devastating natural disasters, and everything in between. It first was settled in the late 1700’s and has been growing exponentially ever since. It’s a city of commerce and opportunity for many incoming immigrants and settlers to start a fresh life. This place became one of the most desirable cities in America

  • The Chicago Teachers Union And Chicago Public Schools

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    Georgis, Donnell, Mike, Moose For the second time in almost 4 years, over 350,000 Chicago Public School Students may not be able to go to school because of the CTU Strike that is currently in progress today (The Washington Post). The issue between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools has not been solved yet due to disagreements about the income received. The Chicago Teachers Union has made offers to school administrations; however, the responses were not in their favor. The union

  • Chicago Outfit Vs Chicago Outfit

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    Fundamentally, to have a better and clear understanding of the Chicago Outfit, Dr. Johnson, Wayne, "THE CHICAGO MOB VS. CHICAGO STREET GANGS” He explained the basic foundation of Chicago Outfit, “The Chicago Outfit is just that, traditional organized crime. It is not the Mafia; it has always been very diverse and operates under the principals of Southern Italian organized crime.Until the late 1950s, it was considered a local problem with little federal intervention. Prohibition turned it into a

  • Chicago, Colorado, California

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    one mile above sea level. Chicago, Illinois holds one of the tallest skylines in the world, including three of the five tallest buildings in America. The two cities vary dramatically, one is surrounded by Building’s and the other mountains. Chicago has multiple famous buildings and sculptures including the Willis tower. It’s also well known by many as the Sears tower, it is the second tallest skyscraper in America and eight tallest in the world. One famous sculpture Chicago is known for is the Cloud

  • Chicago Attractions Essay

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    are many enjoyable attractions in the Chicago area that are inexpensive or even free. topic sentence 1: Some free attractions can be found within the parks of downtown Chicago. topic sentence 2: Another inexpensive attraction in downtown Chicago is Navy Pier. topic sentence 3: Some other inexpensive attractions in Chicago are the different museums and exhibits scattered around the downtown area. To begin, after spending a summer in Chicago I have found ways to enjoy the city with