Chicago-style hot dog

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  • The Famous Chicago Style Hot Dogs

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    eventually popularized and renamed ,hotdog, in the U.S. In Chicago, there’s a specialty hotdog that almost all Chicagoans and tourist eat. It’s so special that there are over thousand made in small food stands throughout Chicago. On February 8th, 2014, I went to Donald’s Famous Hotdogs in Chicago Illinois. Donald’s is a small diner serving soup, sandwiches, and hotdogs. I ordered the best item on the menu, the Chicago-style hotdog. The Chicago style hotdog stands out from the rest because it’s delicious

  • Beautiful Art Installations

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    Beautiful Art Installations Around The City Chicago is a visually beautiful city full of fantastic art installations to die for. From the Dan Ryan Project to the Daley Center, you will find art everywhere and the best ways of seeing them up-close-and-personal is by taking an art tour with Noble Art Tours or Free Tours By Foot. They will take you around the most iconic pieces in the city. Also, you can find those pieces on your own by downloading several Chicago art maps online that you can print out.

  • Freak N Shake Research Paper

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    I enjoy Eating Steak N Shake, because it’s one of the restaurants that I will always go to because the burgers are amazing. I picked Steak N Shake, because it’s where my family likes to go. We go there for parties. You can’t lie whoever doesn't like Steak N Shake, is probably lying. It’s popular, because there is a lot of people that go there and there are multiple food items that you can try out. It is always packed, because they sell food that everyone likes, but their food just has a specific

  • The Sensing Chicago Gallery Essay

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    INTRODUCTION The Chicago Historical Society was founded in 1856 and has spent the majority of its 153 year history as an institution devoted to the diverse and evolving history of Chicago and Illinois. In 2006, the institution emerged from a remarkable 21 month physical and philosophical transformation. Not only did the museum undertake a wholesale renovation of its gallery spaces, but it also took steps to update its public persona to be more representative of the full spectrum of communities

  • Windy City Research Paper

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    Welcome to the Windy City Chicago, Illinois is well known to be the home of many shootings, and other heinous crimes. However, Chicago isn’t always plagued by sadness, and bullets; it also has some amazing traits. Chicago is made up of 234 square miles of dazzling buildings that look as though they go upwards for miles accompanied by a beautiful skyline that never seems to end; fun places to visit, and exquisite food. This classy city of almost three million people is surprisingly most known for

  • Exemplification Essay: Is Chicago The Perfect City

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    people think Chicago is too challenging to succeed. I am that person who leaves in Chicago from last 4 year. There is always a dream city for every one where people like to spend their life,earn money and enjoy with friends and family. Every one has different expectations from the city which They want to live in, and I think Chicago is the best city to live in because of architecture, culture, and the food. first i will talk about architecture There are many reasons that made Chicago an apple pie

  • Coney Dogs Research Paper

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    Nothing more American than going to a baseball game, drinking a beer and eating a hot dog. Guess where that tradition started? Detroit, baby. Well, Livonia to be more specific, but it was popularized at Detroit Tiger Stadium in the 50’s. A meat-packing company called Hygrade Food Products won a competition in 1959 to be the hot dog supplier for the team. They started a contest at the company for the name for the hot dogs. Mary Ann Kurk, one of Hygrade Food Products sales people at the time, won the

  • An American Moment : The Heart Of The Wrigley Field

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    An American Moment I approach the front of the magnificent Wrigley Field, in the heart of Lakeview. People are scalping tickets, charging way more than they should. As I dawdle, copious amounts of merchandise are sold within a three block radius of Wrigley Field. I have goosebumps walking into the stadium. As I give my ticket with Anthony Rizzo on the front to the attendant, I hear the beep of the scanner and I know I can enter now. I finally walk up the stairs to where my seats are, take a breath

  • Sonic Drive Tot

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    Locations). They are the largest drive-in restaurant in the country; their menu boasts over a million flavor combinations between their slushies and fountain drinks, and an extensive range of fast food options such as fully-loaded burgers, over the top hot dogs, and various grilled and fried sandwiches. Sonic also attracts customers by offering side and snack options unique to the brand, such as their Ched ‘R’ Peppers or Chili Cheese Tots. Sonic has been using the same advertising duo for over 15 years;

  • Sharecropping : A New Form Of Slavery

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    Delta moved straight north to Chicago—and the Blues moved with them. By then sharecropping and plantation living were unsustainable ways of living carried out by various “push” factors. The mechanized cotton picker could field an acre of cotton in about 16% of the man hours. The Boll Weevil beetle (Anthonomus grandis) devastated the south’s dependence on cotton and created further economic struggles for African-Americans. While the southern economy struggled, that of Chicago boomed. WWII created droves