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  • Getting to Know Hiromi Uehara

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    age of 17, she met Chick Corea and got invited to play with him in the next day concert. In Hiromi’s career, Hiromi has a lot of inspiration from all jazz musicians, such as Chick Corea and Oscar Peterson. Here is a recording of Hiromi Uehara and Chick Corea duet on Hiromi’s piece “ Old Castle, by the river, in the middle of a forest” (2007). In comparison of these two great jazz musicians, Corea insists on his lyrical jazz style while Hiromi is punchier and more rhythmic. (Chick & Hiromi, 2008).

  • Piano Legends: Chick Corea

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    I watched the film “Piano Legends: Chick Corea”. In the film, famous jazz pianist, Chick Corea, goes over the evolution of piano throughout jazz history. He emphasizes on how piano was really important for the development of jazz as its roots trace back to the piano style known as “ragtime”. From there on, jazz started to evolve from solo music to syncopated dance orchestras. Since this film was mainly about jazz piano styles, Chick Corea talked about Jazz’s earliest form, ragtime, and then went

  • Child Observation Report Essay

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    For this project, I observed my mother's preschool class and the three children which she baby-sits on weekends. Most of the kids that are in the preschool class were three years old, but there was one five year old. The kids I helped baby-sit were two twin three year old girls, and one five year old. When I first arrived at the preschool, the kids seemed very shy towards me and they did not seem like they were very sociable. I was a stranger to them, and I would have to guess that all of

  • Preschool Class Reflection

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    For this task, I watched my mom's preschool class and the three kids which she keeps an eye on ends of the week. The majority of the children that are in the preschool class were three years of age, however, there was one five years old. The children I helped keep an eye on two twin three-year-old young ladies, and one five years old. When I initially touched base at the preschool, the children appeared to be extremely timid towards me and they didn't appear as though they were exceptionally agreeable

  • Chick Fil An American Food Restaurant Franchise Essay

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    Chick-Fil-A is an American food restaurant franchise having its head office in Georgia, USA. The company was established in 1946 and has gradually entrenched itself in the American food industry as a cultural icon in the Southern United States for its specialty in preparation of chicken sandwiches. Chick-Fil-A prides itself for the establishment of over1690 branches located within the United States alone as well as its economic contribution to the larger part of Western America and California. It

  • My Life Of The Dixie Chicks

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    On August 17, 2016, as I sat in row GG seat 4, I realized that my childhood had come to a close. Just seven days shy of starting a new chapter in my life, college, I was standing in Bridgestone Arena in the presence of the Dixie Chicks. Since I was a little girl, I have been listening to their music through out every part of my life. I can remember as a three year old, blonde headed little girl, my daddy would put one of their CDs in the radio and dance around the living room with me standing on

  • Taking a Look at Chick-Fill-A

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    which was named after how miniscule the space was. Four tables and ten stools later, Cathy desired an expansion and to revolutionize the world of accelerated dining. He yearned for a poultry meal that was as elegant as a beef filet (hence the name Chick “Fillet”, however, neither time consuming to craft, nor expensive to purchase (Starrs). The owners of Goode Brothers Poultry, a business in Atlanta, Jim and Hall Goode, were approached by an airline to design a “boneless, skinless chicken breast

  • Textual Analysis Songs

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    1. Openly Credits: Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper This is an old and feminist song but I interpreted it in the way that I’m not the only one who wants to have fun sometimes. It could be possible that I have a totally different meaning at the real one. But, when I listen the song makes me interpreted that parents occasionally could not understand their kids, despite they were young one time in life. Sometimes when I came home after school, my parents judge without knowing how hard and

  • What Is Outstanding Customer Service, Friendly Team Members?

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    community development are just a few things that come to mind when you bring up Chick-Fil-A. As we all know from our personal escapades, you can’t bring up those same qualities when talking about many businesses, especially if the discussion is centered around prowess in the fast food industry. When judging off the aforementioned qualities, there really is no additional fast-food company that can compete with the Chick-fil-a experience. This is due to the very intentional servant style leadership

  • Review Of ' Eat Mor Chikin '

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    A Chik-Fil-A Located In Vail “Eat Mor Chikin!” Shouts this fast food chain’s mascot. The Chik-Fil-A mascot may not be well educated, misspelling common known words, but he knows how to get people to eat and enjoy this new american classic. The Chik-Fil-A restaurants are one of the most popular eating establishments in America. People of all ages enjoy their food but people in Vail, Arizona are feeling left out of this delicious picture. History of Chik-Fil-A In 1951, S. Truett Cathy made an