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  • The City State Of Zamon Dor

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    a singsong voice, poking his head through the garden gate and cutting the silence, “I need to see you, very important business. Orders from the Chief Magistrate himself! And you know how he gets when he’s kept waiting.” With that, Kairos departed, surely to attend to the very important matter of deciding what outfit would best please the Chief Magistrate. Kali silently stood and began down the corridor

  • Disadvantages Of Lay Magistrates

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    Lay magistrate, are normal people, who have no law skills and are under qualified people that give necessary verdicts in magistrates courts. They have been named as lay magistrates so that they can be distinguished from a qualified magistrate. The magistrate’s courts have been introduced centuries ago. Today there are significant numbers of persons who sit and run magistrates court in UK, as a part time job. They normally take their seat and attend legal proceedings as a Bench of two or three, because

  • High Court At The Head Of Judiciary Of The State

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    extraordinary and general as well as special jurisdiction. Composition and Appointment of Judges Judges in a High Court are appointed by the President of India in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, the Governor of the state and the Chief Justice of the State (Art 217). High Courts are headed by a Chief Justice. The number of judges in a court is decided by dividing the average institution of main cases during the last five years by the national average, or the average rate of disposal

  • Jaidyn Leskie Case

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    I. The Main Facts of the Case The main facts of the Jaidyn Leskie case are as follows: ∞ Jaidyn Leskie disappeared while in the care of Greg Domaszewicz on the night of 14 June 1997. ∞ Mr. Domaszewicz said that Jaidyn went missing after being left asleep at his house while he went out to pick up the child’s mother. ∞ On the night of Jaidyn’s disappearance a pig’s head and rocks were thrown at the windows of Greg Domaszewicz’s house. ∞ Senior Constable Evans said he could find no evidence that

  • Queensland Supreme Court

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    Introduction: The report that we have been studying and learning about is the magistrates court and how there system works so that people pay the price for what they have done. Meaning different consequences given for how bad the situation is. Research Method: To gather our information to help us finish our report we did a series of different methods such as going on a class excursion where we went to the court house to see it first hand, we also went to the police station where

  • Unit 23 - D1

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    are the Lay Magistrates and the Jury who have important roles with the legal system. Magistrates usually deal with most cases that are heard within the criminal system. They are the decision makers as to guilt or innocence making 97-99% of all cases while on the other hand 1% of cases are heard with a jury present. This shows us that those that are not legally qualified make most decisions regarding the criminal justice system, which means that they are ordinary people who hail

  • The Narrative Water Margin Establishes Wu Sung

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    The narrative Water Margin establishes Wu Sung as a complicated, multifaceted character who encompasses a combination of heroism and violence. Due to his complex personality and the corruptive environment he lives in, Wu Sung cannot remain as a member of the civilized society; instead, he enters Jiang Hu, a realm that is governed by people’s own judgments instead of standard laws. Beginning with Wu Sung’s first appearance, the author constantly provides hints that depict Wu Sung as an individual

  • The Stranger by Albert Camus

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    The Stranger was a fascinating book with a simple plot revolving around an average man. The protagonist and first person narrator was a man by the name of Meursault, a French man with little to no personal feeling about anything. He went about his life like an empty husk, shifting from one place to another. He felt no grief, sadness or even regret after his mother died; he only felt the physical inconvenience of sitting through the funeral and the heat of the sun during the funeral procession to

  • Use Of Lay Magistrates On The Legal System Of England And Wales

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    Second Formative Coursework Explain and critically consider the use of lay magistrates in the legal system of England and Wales. Lay magistrates are very important to the legal system in England and wales. Lay magistrate’s also known as ‘Justices of the peace’ are volunteers in Magistrates courts as judicial officers. There are 21,500 lay magistrates currently in England and wales. Combined with professional magistrates in a magistrate’s court they take up to 95% of cases involving criminal charges

  • Solicitors Within Criminal Cases ( P3 )

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    Solicitors in Criminal Cases: A solicitor is a lawyer who deals directly with clients by giving legal advice as well as preparing legal documents and if necessary advocating in court. Solicitors are generally found in firms in towns and cities and therefore are easily accessible to all. A solicitor needs to get all key details from the client before a bail hearing. Solicitors undertaking criminal cases are also able to represent in court under the Solicitors Higher Rights of Audience Regulations