Childhood abuse

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  • Abuse Of Childhood

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    “Whoever inquires about our childhood wants to know something about our soul.” I chose to start with this quote from Alice Miller’s book because I think it epitomizes the impact a childhood has on an individual later in their life. Childhood is a practice run for adulthood in some ways, in that we learn how to behave in certain situations and we learn about human nature and how to deal with adverse situations by developing coping mechanisms. We are effectively building a resilient (or non-resilient

  • Childhood Abuse In Childhood

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    upbringing. The majority of people struggle to appreciate the fact that perhaps some people are simply born evil. While the topic of nature versus nurture is widely questioned, there are a few theories regarding childhood that hold strong. One of these is the role that abuse experienced during childhood can play in forming a murderer. However, it’s important to consider going forward that unfortunately many

  • Childhood Abuse And Child Abuse

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    Child abuse is a topic that not many feel comfortable discussing. It goes to reason then, that the abuse one has faced during their childhood is a topic that is also rarely discussed. When a person brings up the situations in which they had been abused as a child, many people will uncomfortably change the subject while giving their condolences. However, childhood abuse can greatly affect future of the adults who have suffered it. Abuse is defined by the Oxford Dictionary (2017) as: cruel and violent

  • Positivistic Childhood Verbal Abuse

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    who were verbally abused on their childhood. The present study used a basic qualitative inquiry informed by hermeneutic phenomenology in order to add to the previous positivistic research done in the area of childhood verbal abuse and to bring much needed innovative, in-depth understanding to a sensitive issue. It is only by studying a topic comprehensively that new insights and explanations can arise to explain the effects and dynamics inherent in verbal abuse. To the Students this study will

  • Childhood Abuse And Violence In Childhood

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    their pressures, tensions, and hatred just vanish and dissipate for a short period of time (Gert, 2017). In today’s society, serial killing is a growing concern among academics and community members. This paper seeks to understand how exposure to childhood abuse and violence in adolescence can lead individuals to violent behaviour in adulthood. Drawing on the case study I chose and social learning theory, my paper will explore the life of John Wayne Gacy, a U.S serial killer. John Wayne Gacy killed 33

  • Childhood Abuse And Neglect

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    This study examined the extent to which being abused or neglected in the childhood increases a person’s risk of promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy. Clinical and behavioral reports and research studies have linked childhood victimization to a variety of negative health and behavioral consequences. A prospective cohorts design was used to match on the basis of age, race, sex, social class, cases of abuse, and neglected children from 1967 to 1971, with non-abused and non-neglected children

  • Childhood Child Abuse

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    Evidence shows that abuse on a child, whether physical, sexual, or psychological, can have negative side effects. Not only can abuse cause immediate harm to a child, it could also cause long-term damage to mental health and overall function as an adult. Many adults that have suffered abuse, maltreatment, or neglect in their childhood are at greater risk for perpetuating that same behavior towards their children/step children. Though not all victims will become abusers themselves, many abusers have

  • Preventing Childhood Abuse

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    choose was what mental health problems in adults are caused by childhood abuse? Studies are finding that between 12% and 50% of adult individuals using mental health services report a past history with child abuse. Childhood abuse can have a wide range of effects in adulthood. Some adult survivors experience few mental health problems, while others will experience numerous psychological problems, such as developing a substance abuse problem, engaging in high-risk sexual behavior and poor self-esteem

  • Childhood Substance Abuse

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    What is substance use and abuse and why is it that some people seem to be drawn to drugs and alcohol while others can go through life without any substance problems at all? We can define drug addiction as a repetitive use of a given substance even though it may be harmful to the person using the substance physically, psychologically, socially, and financially. Repetitive uses of drugs and alcohol can cause chemical changes in the body, especially the brain causing a physical need to have these substances

  • Childhood Abuse Summary

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    This study dissected personal reports of childhood abuse that were received from 634 outpatients that were suffering from bipolar disorder (Post et al., 2014, p. 324). These participants were drawn from clinics in Dallas, Cincinnati, Bethesda, and Los Angeles and the impact that verbal and other type abuse had on them is looked into. The participants were asked questions about experiencing any one of the three types of abuse and were told to rate it from 0-3 with 0 being never, 1 being rarely, 2