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  • Crocodiles And Alligators Similarities

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    Crocodiles and Alligators are often confused with because of the physical similarities. When an average person encounters a crocodile or alligator, it is most probable that they guess which animal it is and get it wrong. However, the only thing in common is the body structure. Not all of the similarities have to do with the similar physical shape of the crocodiles and alligator’s. In fact, the similarities go beyond. On the other hand, the differences deal with the most detailed dissimilarities between

  • Alligator Essay

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    The American Alligator is an amazing reptile, having survived almost unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Having been hunted almost for extinction, this reptile has made an amazing comeback in recent years. Inhabiting almost every body of water in Florida. American alligator are not considered endangered species, but these harsh looking creatures are threatened. There are two kinds of species of alligators. There is the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. Many people have a hard

  • Stampede Of Moose Research Paper

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    Luc Warnke Mr.Hyer 13 December, 2016 Alligators on a Train As I am waiting for the baby train to pull up to the train platform over the loudspeaker I hear, “ Anyone waiting for the train it will be late due to a stampede of moose on the train tracks.” So as I’m waiting I look down the tracks and see the stampede of moose running towards me, so I pull out my laser gun from my pocket and start shooting at the stampede. When I kill all the moose the baby train rolls in and runs over all the moose throwing

  • My Favorite Stories From Trickster : Waynaboozhoo And The Geese And How Alligator Got His Brown

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    How Alligator Got His Brown, Scaly Skin. These two stood out from the others as strong tales with clear and powerful messages. After I compare the two plots, I will discuss the relevant parts of the respective cultures from which these stories originated. One of three reasons I like these two stories is that they are both very concise, direct, and to the point. Let’s use How Alligator Got His Brown, Scaly Skin as an example. A brief synopsis looks something like this: In the story, Alligator is a

  • The four groups of crocodilians are alligators, caimans, gharials, and crocodiles. What are main

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    The four groups of crocodilians are alligators, caimans, gharials, and crocodiles. What are main characteristics of crocodilian habitats? Watery habitats such as lakes and rivers Prefer freshwater habitats American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Lives in freshwater swamps and marshes, and also in rivers and lakes. They can tolerate a little bit of salt but prefer fresh water. They can tolerate freezing weather for short periods of time but are better off in warmer weather. To live better

  • The American Crocodile Essay

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    million years. Florida is known for its large population of American alligators, which are often confused for the rare American crocodile. However, there are vast differences between the two species. Hunted for their hides and the changing of their habitat to

  • Descriptive Essay On Animals

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    On October 19th 2017, my classmates and I had the opportunity to visit the Lamar Bruni Vergara Environmental Center. During our visit, we toured the facility and were privileged to have an employee inform us on the grand diversity of the species found in our region. Throughout the tour, we observed and discussed a variety of animals, however in this paper I decided to focus on five: The first species we encountered during our tour was a bobcat or Lynx rufus. The bobcat’s phylum is chordata and from

  • Transcript Of American Alligator ( Alligator Mississippiens )

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    Transcript Transcript of American Alligator (Alligator mississippiens) SCIN 130 Power Point presentation by Serena L. Sobolewski Introduction: The organism that I have chosen for this assignment is an animal, of the crocodilian family, called the American Alligator. The scientific name is Alligator mississipiens In Spanish it is is called El Legarto, meaning the lizard. The habitat preferred by the American Alligator is fresh water swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes, and occasionally smaller bodies

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beeswara

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    Apply a moisturizer or a conditioner to retain alligator leather’s natural oils and compounds and maintain its luxurious appearance and texture. Beeswax is a good conditioner for this type of leather. Use cleaning products that are specifically formulated for alligator leather. The wrong chemicals, especially those in cowhide leather cleaning agents, can do more harm than good by darkening the leather and damaging its skin. Just like human skin, alligator leather can manifest adverse reactions to cleaning

  • The Journey Of Saint Louis

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    It all started one bitterly cold Sunday afternoon. We were packed and ready to roll for our week long trip. The adventure to Florida took us nearly two entire days. On our way there, while we were there, and on the way back; we overcame several challenges. My mom (Sharyl), my step dad (Kyle), my little brother (Connor), my other little brother (Chase), my mom’s friends (Deb and Ticker), and their children (PJ and Zach), left for our trip on a Sunday afternoon right after my mom was done with work