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  • Differences Between Chinese And Chinese American

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    - What are the differences between Chinese American, and Chinese-American? The two terms seem similar to each other since it contains two nationalities, Chinese and American; however, there are different meanings between the four words. Chinese American is an American citizen, who prefers being an American to a Chinese man while having a Chinese ascendancy. From his words, the hyphenated form of Chinese-American is not just about the type of American, but also about race and nationality. The term

  • The Political Differences Of Chinese Immigration In Early Chinese Americans

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    “In America, the Chinese were forced to become “strangers” by economic interests – the demands of white capitalists for colonized labor force and the “ethnic antagonism” of white workers – as well as by an ideology defining America as a homogeneous white society. The Chinese found new conditions of “necessity” circumscribing their lives.” Being specified as “strangers from a different shore,” Chinese were repudiated fairness of opportunity and partitioned from their mainland China by the oppressive

  • Essay on Chinese Americans

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    Chinese Americans      The focus of our group project is on Chinese Americans. We studied various aspects of their lives and the preservation of their culture in America. The Chinese American population is continually growing. In fact, in 1990, they were the largest group of Asians in the United States (Min 58). But living in America and adjusting to a new way of life is not easy. Many Chinese Americans have faced and continue to face much conflict between their Chinese

  • Chinese American Contributions

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    Chinese-Americans have been an important part of our American society since they emigrated from their homeland of China. They are the largest group of Chinese people outside of China and they make up 25.9% of our Asian immigrants and 1.2% of our American population as of 2010. The cities with the highest percentage of ethnic Chinese in the U.S. are San Francisco (21.4%), Honolulu (10.2%), and Oakland (8.7%). They are one of the top earning groups in America and have higher average scores on tests

  • Chinese Americans And Filipino Americans

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    it is quite easy for us to forget that at the end of the day, we are very much similar to each other. When we hear of the Chinese Americans and Filipino Americans living in America today, not often do we see a connection between the two except for the fact that they come from Asia or have descendants from Asia. If we dive deeper into history, we will see that when the Chinese and the Filipinos first came to America, they had very similar purposes and goals in mind; one of them being make money and

  • Chinese American Transnationalism

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    This paper is a brief reaction to a scholarly article in Airriess Text entitled ‘Chinese American Transnational Migration and Connections.’ This article is located in chapter 11 of Airriess’ text Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America, on pages 263 through 283. The text begins by explaining that transnationalism is a reinterpretation of immigration, and natural to Chinese Americans from birth. The first mechanism of transnationalism is called an “astronaut” family, and it means that family members

  • Essay On Chinese Americans

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    As for the cultural explanation, many cultural factors in the context of exit caused the high academic achievement of Chinese Americans. First, the homeland cultures affect Chinese Americans a lot. For instance, from the Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty in the early 20th century, Chineses had to take the Chinese Civil Service Exam or Keju exam for the five studies: military strategy, civil law, revenue and taxation, agriculture, and geography. The exam was used to determine if a person

  • Essay on Chinese Influence on American Cuisine

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    Chinese Influences on America through Cuisine Since the 20th century, Chinese food has had an influence on American cuisine, with over 40,000 Chinese restaurants across the country. There are more Chinese restaurants in America than all of the McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and KFC’s combined! The Chinese have taken over the American food kingdom. The history of Chinese food started in the 1800s, when the Chinese came over to the United States during the Gold Rush. But the Chinese

  • Analysis Of Becoming American-The Chinese Experience

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    Becoming American- the Chinese Experience “America the land of opportunity, to all” has always been a driving force for many people from poor, undeveloped societies far away from America. This simple saying has brought over millions and millions of people from they’re native countries, leaving behind families and friends. Some never to return. Once in America, reality sets in for most of these groups as that suffer thought unequal treatment, racism and discrimination. One such group involved

  • Chinese-American Culture

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    BIOLOGICAL VARIATION The leading cause of death in Chinese-Americans are diabetes mellitus, accidents, heart disease, stroke, and infectious disease. Compared to the general U.S. population, the Chinese are twice as likely to have diabetes type 2, it is also 5 -7 times higher in the Chinese Americans as it is in the Chinese people living in China. The sex-linked genetic disease glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is rather common in people with Chinese descent. This condition causes an enzyme deficiency