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    LETTER OF SUBMISSION Date: February 08, 2008 To Chairman Department of Marketing Studies &International Marketing University of Chittagong. Through, Supervisor Department of Marketing Studies &International Marketing University of Chittagong. Sub : Submission of Internship Report. Dear Sir, Here is my report on “Foreign Exchange policy of EXIM BANK Limited : A Critical Evaluation ” submitted to your honor. A methodological research was conducted to prepare the report for

  • Advantages Of Deep Sea Port

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    volume, a replacement deep sea port can have to be compelled to be operational by the tip of gift decade even though Mongla and Chittagong ports square measure any developed. • The doable enlargement of the 2 ports but can haven't any dramatic impact on the forecasted trade volumes and there'll be sufficient mobile trade warranting a replacement deep sea port. • Chittagong port has significant limitation on the length and the draft of vessels entering the port. • The maximum permissible draft of the

  • Importance Of Deep Sea Ports

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    According to the economic fundament, the success of deep sea port is helping in the economy of the country like roads, communication and etc. this ports have a vital effect on the extension and countries well being.Maritime history clearly stated about the remarkable and analytical role of ports in countries like Britain, Spain, and Portugal’s increased economy. Deep sea port has favourable effects for the enrolment and income of a country. However we cannot deny about the advantage of trade

  • Sea Ports Advantages

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    everywhere the globe clearly show that ports have important economic impact each domestically, regionally and across the country. For Bangladesh there are many reasons for establishing a deep sea port in Sonadia, such as: • The total annual output of Chittagong port was over forty five million tonnes in 2011, that is over ninety 7 % of country's sea-borne trade, growing on the average at 9.2 % each year. • To allow associate degree uninterrupted growth of the mobile trade, institution of a deeper sea port

  • Importance Of Deep Sea Ports

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    The development of deep sea ports as an economic infrastructure plays a vital role in the transportation and communication system from country to country. The improvement in such economic infrastructures effects the growth of a country in a positive way. Coastal countries such as Britain, Spain and Portugal are the finest example of development by the help of maritime powers. Their Ports had played a significant and critical role in the development of their economies. Deep sea port development has

  • Sea Port Importance

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    positive effects on employment and revenue earnings of a country. It is significantly impact both locally regionally and nationally.In our country, Sonadia island is a small island of about 9 square kilometers, offshore of the Cox’s Bazar coast in Chittagong Division, thatis a potential as a deep-water port lying on the Bay of Bengal. It could serve the landlocked parts of India, Myanmar and China. In fact, the leading sector of a country like Singapore Japan has its owndeep-sea port. Theoretically

  • A Brief Note On Water And Sanitation Project

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    areas. The Urban areas are in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong Metropolitan Cities and the rural areas are Jessore, Gazipur, Netrokona, Kishoregonj, Naryangonj, Narshindi and Sunamgonj district. Many researches on micro credit show that the programs have effectively reduced poverty of people with skill to become self-employed. DSK has started micro credit through Grameen model replication in year 1992 in one of the Dhaka city slums, since than it has served 838,338 families and has disbursed Tk. 17,407

  • The Decrease Of Forest Cover And Forest Resources

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    Introduction Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world with a population more than 150 million. The rate of population increase is decreasing in Bangladesh but still it is high enough to create immense pressure on different sectors like agriculture, forestry, economy etc. To fulfill the demand of increasing population more agricultural lands, buildup areas, settlements, roads and highways are necessary. These development activities will definitely corroborate the decrease

  • Effects Of Water Pollution On India

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    community in key areas. The river itself, mind you, is exceedingly long (98 km) with a rather aggressive tributary known as the Dhurung River that merges with Purba Dhalai some 48 km downstream. Halda stretches from the Badnatali Hill Ranges in the Chittagong Hill Tracts down through Fatikchhari upazila, Bhujppur Thana, Hathazari upazila, followed by Raozan and then Chandgaon Thana. It finally spills into the Karnaphuli River, and all of these mouths, so to speak, indicate to anyone who knows rivers

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    2012 Real Estate Industry in Chittagong (Bangladesh): A Survey on Customer Perception and Expectation Moslehuddin Chowdhury Khaled 1* 1. 2. 3. 4. Tasnim Sultana2* Sujan Kanti Biswas3* Rana Karan 4* Lecturer, School of Business, Independent University Bangladesh, Chittagong, 12 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong 4000. Phone: 01675002980 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Studies, Premier university, Chittagong, Bangladesh email: Assistant