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  • Choir Critique

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    The following is a performance critique of the Lakeview Middle School Winter Choir concert held on Monday, December 12, 2016. The performance was held in the Lakeview middle School Gymnasium. The concert was performed by the 7th grade choir, master choir, and the 8th grade choir, and directed by Mr. Bellof. After watching the performance on a video my overall reaction was very good. I believe all the choirs did an excellent job of portraying the Christmas and Winter festivities through music. The

  • Description Of A Choir Concert

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    sorrow that we feel. It is like the words in our heart expresses itself in music, and it is the best form of relaxation and well being for times immemorial. Listening to music has always been part of my life. On December 3, 2017,I attended the first choir concert of my life. The name of the concert was Sounds of the Season. This event took place at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith in the Breedlove Auditorium. The concert was performed by director Dr.Timothy Workman, pianists Terri Bailey, Gini

  • The Concert As A Concert With Choir And Band

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    The concert was a joint concert with choir and band. The genres choir sang were church music and lullabies and band played various genres including pop, classical, and holiday music. Some songs choir sang was “The Word Was God” and “Riversong.” Band played songs such as “Phantom of the Opera,” Beethoven symphony No. 5. The instrument choir used was their voices and a piano. Band used a variety of instruments such as trumpets, trombones, tubas, French horns, clarinets, flutes, saxophones, piccolos

  • Chamber And Choir Music Analysis

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    obvious themes in Chamber and Choir music? The concert I went to was a concert by the students from CGCC. They started of the concert with Jazz music, but I was unable to take notes on that because they were not exactly singing. It was more like an a capella except without any words. The next portion of the concert was Chamber Singers. I was not very sure what a Chamber Singer was so I looked it up. Before I looked it up, it seemed to me like it was a medium sized choir who quickly switch tempo

  • A Report on Lifeline for Children’s Choir Directors Essay

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    great artists in the past of keyboard, solo voice and chorale conducting. (p. 29) She gives exercises on how to achieve good balance and blend in a choir. (p. 20) How to conduct children’s choirs is discussed in the following pages of this book. She describes each ’step’ and how to do them carefully: how to introduce music to the choir, what the choir director should read, how to study a score and practice conducting it, if a conductor should mouth or use a baton while conducting. To produce artistically

  • Show Choir : A Long Struggle With Many Roadblocks

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    Show Choir The road to show choir nationals was a long struggle with many roadblocks. There were many times when I dreaded going to rehearsal, and when I got there, I just wanted it to be over so I could leave. Show choir started to feel like a chore to me and I didn’t enjoy it like I did last year. That is, until March 31st. We started learning our show choir songs at the end of August, rehearsing every day after school for an hour. Then during the last two weeks of September, both show choirs

  • Middle School Show Choir

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    how every show choir performance for west connection members starts no matter what the year. Show choir is one of the most fun activities I have ever taken part in. From back in 8th grade Williams Intermediate Show Choir, to now in Davenport West Connection I have loved every minute of it. The people, hair and makeup, performing onstage, and even the practices were full of fun and laughter. Throughout 8th grade to now there is an enormous difference between high school show choir, and middle school

  • I Attended The Christmas With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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    I attended the Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle choir, Orchestra at Temple Square and Bells on Temple Square. The event was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints conference center building. The building holds approximately 21,000 people. This particular musical performance was for Christmas time. Every year they feature a special guest. Usually it is an famous American singer or story teller, but this year it was more of a cultural experience. This year their guest was Ronaldo

  • Concert At The Pennfield Performing Arts Center

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    Michigan. The theme of this choral concert was Pop Rocks, which was a compilation of popular and rock and roll songs, including songs from the 70s and 80s to the present. There were also songs featuring specific choirs, such as the composition Girl Power, which featured the Women’s Choir. This was an evening full of medleys with unique twists that made the concert quite entertaining. Having never attended a choral concert, other than ones that I have personally performed in, it was very nice to enjoy

  • My Theological Convictions Has Changed My Life

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    yes! I mean there is a reason why we are here so that alone is just striking. I guess, I have never been questioned my belief in God mainly because I was brought up in a church family. I was raised in a Methodist church, participated in children 's choir and attend weekly Sunday School. My parents baptized me and supported me going through