Christian denominations

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  • The Four Reasons Why The Christian Denominations

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    known as denominations. Some churches for example let snakes loose while they take communion, while others have professional football on television during services. While these traditions may seem strange to some, they are simply the norm for others. The question we must then ask ourselves is “why?” Today, not only will we find out why there are so many denominations, why this matters, and what the Bible says about the different denominations. When dealing with the Christian denominations, we must

  • Christian Denominations

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    ruary 8, 2017 Why are there so many denominations? There are approximately 38,000 different Christian churches today this can be very confusing to someone seeking a relationship with God, but in 1 Corinthians 14:33, it encourages those not to be confused because God is not the author of confusion but of peace. Denominations can be traced back to the first century, during the time of Paul Where he briefly talked about the divisions in his first letter to the Corinthians. Paul says how it is not

  • Evolution: Religion Of The Christian Denomination

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    The issues about evolution have been argued for several hundred years. For example, even until now, some religion of the Christian Denomination still refuse to admit the evolution is a fact. However, evolution explains a lot of phenomenon appearing in nature environment. Thus more and more people believe it and think these phenomenon are the evidence! Let us sort out them below: Firstly, the Natural Selection. Every creatures has its special characteristics. The characteristics might be better or

  • Liberal Arts Research Paper

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    If I am going to become a leader in the church and continue to be a firm believer in God, I should probably learn more about the Protestant religion that I am a part of. Even though I grew up in the church and a Christian family, there is still plenty about this religion that I do not know about. This class has already greatly helped my understanding of certain aspects of Christianity. Before this class, I had never even heard of Bebbington's Quadrilateral or the

  • The Bible: The Denominational Dilemma

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    Within this reasonably small town, a total of thirty-six distinct churches serve those who profess to know Christ. The astounding variety of denominations in the United States certainly evidences itself in Montrose. In stark contrast, these divisions did not even exist among the Christians of the first century A.D. Many denominational splits occur because Christians clash over authority or disagree on doctrine. I believe that churches should, first and foremost, recognize Christ as the sole head, avoid

  • Religious Pecking Orders

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    Religious Pecking Orders Christianity.One of the largest and oldest religions in the world including all denominations, Christianity has over 2 billion followers.Originally derived from Judaism, Christianity is mainly based around the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.While all Christians believe the Bible to be the word of God and inspired by the Holy Spirit some choose to take it more literally than others leaving a lot of scriptures up for interpretation.Due to the many different

  • The Shack By William P. Young

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    religion, faith, and God which have touched many people, The Shack by William P. Young has been denounced by many conservative Christian critics and writers, some who have gone so far as to call the book “heresy” (Woodbridge 77). Thus, there is apparently a difference between how general readers read and interpret the content of this book and how conservative Christian readers look at it. The divergence of viewpoint on The Shack represents an interesting matter as such a conflict might be seen

  • The Amish Religious Subcultures

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    beliefs than those of the larger group. The Amish, Mormon and the Jehovah Witnesses are among the strangest subcultures because their beliefs separate these subcultures from any other Christian denomination. The Amish are one subculture that has certain beliefs that separate them from other Christian denominations. The Bible influences their idea of the way they should dress;Therefore they believe that modesty is humility and what they wear helps display their faith. Amish men and boys only wear

  • Clergy Hierarchy

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    the religion. The Christian hierarchy found and largely accepted by Christians involves God being on top, followed by Jesus, his disciples, the clergy, and lastly, the general Christian population. This hierarchy comes from the belief that Jesus came to his disciples after his resurrection, gave them their authority and a message to spread his message, who in turn gave authority to the clergy. By the nature of Christianity, God is placed above Jesus, while the general Christian population is placed

  • The Amish Culture And Subcultures

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    the Jehovah witnesses are among the few strangest subcultures. These subcultural groups are the strangest because of their style,beliefs and hobbies. That separate these subcultures from any other Christian denomination. The Amish have certain beliefs that separate them from other Christian denominations. The bible influences their idea of the way they should dress. They believe that modesty is humility and what they wear helps display their faith. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with wanting