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  • Discipleship : The Overarching Purpose Of The Christian Discipleship

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    struggle with understanding and fulfilling the true meaning of Christian discipleship in individuals’ lives. This writing assignment will attempt to expound on several significant aspects of discipleship. The importance of the centrality of Jesus Christ to Christian discipleship will be detailed. Also, obedience to the directives of Christ and submission of particular areas of one’s life will be outlined. Finally, the three stages of discipleship according to Dave Earley and Rod Dempsy will be delineated

  • Teaching of Discipleship on a Christian of Today.

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    teaching about discipleship might affect the life of a Christian today. Christian discipleship involves faith and commitment to God, self sacrifice, service to others, using your time, money and energy, as God wants you to not as the world tempts you to. It also involves belonging to God’s own family, the church, and daily commitments with God. Modern day disciples like Ghandi, (even though he was non-Christian) acted as

  • Discipleship Models : A Christian Worldview Essay

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    Discipleship is a process by which one individual helps another become a disciple, or convinced adherent (Merriam-Webster, 2016), of a teacher or movement. Although there are many discipleship models available, a comparison of two discipleship models – LifeShapes (Breen and Cockram, 2009) and Disciplines (Foster, 2002) – reflects two different attempts to teach the same concepts. The following represents a contrast of the key components of the two discipleship models, a discussion of the models considering

  • Christian Philosophy Of Education, Evangelism, And Discipleship

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    According to Schultz (2003) a Kingdom-focused education must be built on the following four points: Jesus Christ, A Biblical Philosophy of Education, Evangelism, and Discipleship. The most appropriate place for Kingdom education to start is in the family where children are taught that “only salvation in Christ can perfect a person” (Schultz, 2003, p.19). Because Kingdom education is rooted in development of a personal relationship with Christ it exists as a present reality and not a future physical

  • Christian Evangelism And Discipleship On Christ 's Command Of Christ

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    disciples of all nations. It is the bridge between evangelism and discipleship Waylon Moore once said, “There is no continuing New Testament evangelism without follow-up. They are God’s ‘two-edged sword’ for reaching men and making them effective disciples for Christ.” The sad reality is that, according to Alvin Reid, “churches have neglected follow-up. We have left a generation of baby Christians stranded, unsure of how to grow.” As Christians, our follow-up plan must be well -developed, one that’s biblically

  • The Grace That Leads to Death Essay

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    religion, demanding little effort and no obedience. Bonhoeffer, who was eventually martyred, knew intimately that , “When Christ calls a man [sic], he bids him come and die.”1 For Bonhoeffer, then, death is the mark of true discipleship and is a

  • Exploring How a Teaching About Discipleship Might Affect the Life of a Christian Today

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    Exploring How a Teaching About Discipleship Might Affect the Life of a Christian Today The role of a disciple continues to inspire men and woman today. History is marked be people who committed their life to Jesus Christ In the question, I will explore the lives of the following Christian disciples, Martin Luther King, Maximillian Kolbe and Sister Eleisha. Martin Luther King might affect the life of a Christian today because he is a good example of a disciple. He is

  • How a Christian May Follow the Call to Discipleship Through Daily Life and Work

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    How a Christian May Follow the Call to Discipleship Through Daily Life and Work The English word "vocation" comes from the Latin word vocare meaning "to call". Every Christian has a calling or 'vocation' from God to be good, to serve Him and to serve others. The term "disciple" is also applied to every one who calls them selves a Christian. "What am I going to do with my life?" or "What is God calling me to do with my life?" We tend to think of the 'vocation' in terms

  • Essay on Kingdom and Culture

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    Kingdoms and Cultures Toni Romero Grand Canyon University Christian Worldview and Contextualization HTH 655 Professor Robert Prescott-Ezickson October 09, 2013 Kingdoms and Cultures Oscillatory has exercised vast inspiration by what method we abstract the link among Christianity and philosophy. The situation has converted several societies’ circumstances to vision their culture of resistance to foremost characteristics of the common philosophies as rather of which to be humiliated, as well

  • How Does The Christian World Look For The Outsider? David Kinnaman

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    How does the Christian world look to the outsider? David Kinnaman along with the Barna group attempt to answer this question in UnChristian. Oddly enough the five most common adjectives used by people literalistic, anti-intellectual, self-righteous, judgmental, and bigoted. Us Christians might object, rather defensively to try an sway the crowd, playing the card off, “that 's unfair to draw sweeping conclusions based upon the report of one person in the church.” If you think that way, you 'd be right