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  • Arguments For Christian Faith

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    Tikkani THL 1000-H03 3 October 2017 Reasonable Christian Faith Christian faith lies between the two extremes of fideism and rationalism, that is, between faith with no reason and reason with no faith. Scripture, the main source of Christian tradition, provides us with information about God and what it means to be Christian. An analysis of works and arguments by early church fathers offers tools to engage scripture, including levels of belief and defining faith in the context of society and moderation.

  • The Christian 's Acts Of Faith

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    JUST GOTTA HAVE FAITH! QUIT TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT ALL! LET GO AND LET GOD!” For some that may be the solution they are searching for. They might be frustrated or let down by their own efforts of understanding. But does faith begin with “letting go (of reason and understanding) and letting God (reveal Himself to us)”? Is there any compatibility between exercising Christian faith and exercising reason? Does reason have a role or should it have a role in the Christian’s acts of faith? This has been

  • Christian Faith Reflection

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    and the Christian faith mean to you? How does your faith affect the way you live? My faith journey has been a long, gradual process of learning to know and follow Jesus as I grew up in a local Mennonite church and a Christian family. The transition of going to college has pushed me the most. Having independence put me in the situation to make all of my own choices. Do I wake up and go to church? Do I go to chapel? How do I navigate choices around alcohol use or dating? How does my faith inform these

  • Essay on The Place of Scripture in Christian Faith

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    As part of revivals in Christian faith during 18th century onward three practices evolved into their own interpretation on the place and authority of Scripture in the Christian faith. The first of these were the Liberals who “viewed themselves as the saviors of a defunct out of date Christianity” (Bingham 149). Their founder, Friedrich Schleiermacher an 18th century pastor, “did not view traditional, authoritative doctrines, creeds and biblical texts as the preeminent sources in theology (150). Instead

  • Essential Elements Of The Christian Worldview Are Faith,

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    Essential elements of the Christian worldview are Faith, Love, Forgiveness and Living in Christ. These key elements are fundamental to Christ’s teachings and also reflect my own worldview. These four elements are an integral part of a Christian believer’s life and defines our relationship with God. The fourth element, Living in Christ, is comprised of many sub-elements like praise, prayer, and bearing witness. These sub-elements could be described as fruits of a Christian’s believer’s daily life

  • Core Doctrines Are Apart Of The Christian Faith

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    God: Core doctrines are apart of the Christian faith and should be taught no matter what the denomination is. Doctrines are not negotiable throughout the universal Christian churches. However, churches may have different dogmatic beliefs, because there are not set in stone and vary. Theology is defined by Beth Felker Jones as being “the study of the things of God, a God who loves the world.” Theology is a practice that affects Christians’ lives in many ways: the way that they think, live, and how

  • Velvet Elvis: Repainting The Christian Faith

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    author of many books. One of his many works is Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, the book that this quote is taken from. Although I do not agree with many of the theological beliefs of Rob Bell, this specific quote is one that I wholeheartedly endorse. This quote, along with the rest of the book, has impacted thousands across the globe, inspiring them to break free

  • Non Christian Faith Research Paper

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    “ the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods (Lewis 1952).” C.S. Lewis in his writings on faith and reasoning there are inherent ideals that when becoming a Christian are understood. Prior to belief, a person’s deeper meaning of faith cannot be understood. Unbelievers can only have a certain amount of trust in that faith; however, it is purely practical on the part of the non-Christian. As Lewis comments in his writings, there are just certain

  • The Christian Faith

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    One of the foundations of the Christian faith is the belief that God is actively working in His creation. God did not create the world and leave it to its own fate. Instead, God is still actively involved in every part of His creation today. This belief is crucial for the Christian scientists in today’s world. Ones who study cells and molecules can discover how astounding and detailed God, the Creator, is with this belief in mind. God is working through his seen and unseen creation. In the tiniest

  • The Church : A Diverse Body Of Persons Professing The Christian Faith

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    CB- Final Paper- P&P The Church is a diverse body of persons professing the Christian faith. The people called Christians are those that understand and witness the birth and death of Jesus Christ. This conveys that they believe Jesus Christ to be the begotten son of God, the creator of this world. “Church” is a term that is used to identify Christians that exist in different parts of the world. (Irenaeus) They are also called “the body of Christ,” or the “ecclesia.” This suggests that the people