Christian religion

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  • Religion : A Unified System Of Beliefs And Practices

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    According to a French sociologist, Emile Durkheim religion is “a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden -- beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church all those who adhere to them.” Based on the definition, religion is part of people’s culture as culture is also the beliefs and the values of people in a society. Religion plays a very important role in every culture, including American

  • Essay about Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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    importance of the native religion among African societies. Achebe shows that religion holds a major influence in many African societies and influences the daily life of the natives. Furthermore, the novel introduces a major event that happen during pre-colonial Africa, the spread of the Christian faith, which forever changed and affected the natives in Africa, more specifically the Igbo society located in Nigeria. Things Fall Apart vividly describes and explains how the Christian faith that arrived

  • Christ in Catholicism and Other Religions

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    is evident in the realm of religion than in any other realm. Human awareness of the existence of the many religions in the world, today, is unprecedented. Christians are aware of the existence of many other smaller religions apart from the mainstream Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. Statistics from the World Christian Encyclopaedia indicates that there are more than one billion people who practice Islam, over

  • Freedom of Religion

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    Freedom of religion is attacked more and more every day. In America religious freedom has not been threatened near as much as in China. America’s freedom of religion has not been taken away, yet, but in China and North Korea the people of the countries do not have the freedom of religion that they should be given. Americans freedom of religion has been protected by the First Amendment for hundreds of years. There are two clauses in the First Amendment that protect Americans religious freedom.

  • Role and Influence of Religion on Conflicts

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    are different views on the role and influence of religion on conflicts. Rabkin states that religion is not a primary source of conflicts and violent strife. According to him, most often than not, religion is used only to legitimize, but not motivate conflicts. However, Jonathan Fox states that religion is one of the motivators of terrorism. The impact of religion on conflicts is also increasing over the years. Similarly in Nigeria, religion was not the central source of conflicts at the time

  • Christianity and Islam

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    In a world of mystery and unanswered questions, religion steps up to the plate to give people hope and explanation for our unanswered questions. Religion has been around for centuries, there is not an exact number of how many religions exist, but it is closely estimated to be over 4,200. Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world and though they have many similarities, they also have vast differences. Unfortunately it is hard to say or believe if they will ever reconcile because

  • The Pros And Cons Of Religion And Atheism

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    Recently, I was able to go on a religious retreat. The topic of religion and atheism came into existence and I thought that this was a topic I would like to go into more depth about so I took part of the argument. This question was asked: Is atheism a religion? We argued if these two subjects are related. Some said no and some said yes. Though I am not an Atheist my response to this question is, yes I do believe that atheism is a religion because it has the incorporation of gods and afterlife in the

  • The Beliefs And Symbols Of Hinduism And Christianity

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    Religion can be defined as a commitment or dedication to a particular set of beliefs. Hinduism and Christianity make up only two of the thousands of religions found around the world. Hinduism is the dominant religion in India, leading roughly 800 million followers. These followers are called Hindus from the Arabic term al hind referring to the people living across the river Indus. Countless people presume that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. Surprisingly, most Hindus claim they have faith in

  • A Comparison between Islam and Christianity

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    importance when it comes to religion and its meaning. Some people see religion as a reason for being, while others might use their religion as a way to remain connected to home, or even blame it for every horrible act between humans. When first looking at the Islamic faith and the Christian faith they may seem very different from each other but when we take a closer look at them and compare them we can find a lot of very important similarities between the two religions. When doing research for this

  • The Emergence and Africanization of Catholic Christianity in the Kongo

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    that developed over the next century is best understood as primarily a superficial layer added onto Kongolese traditional religion. The kings of Kongo did not try to replace previous beliefs and practices with Christianity, nor did they simply mask their traditional religion, but rather they incorporated Christian doctrines, rituals, and some aspects of Portuguese Christian culture such as literacy and medicine, into the framework of the traditional Kongolese lifestyle. Three ways by which we can