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  • The Cri-du- Chat Syndrome

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    language development are also impaired with individual of cri-du-chat syndrome. Etiology of Diagnosis Speech and language of the individuals are impaired because the larynx is underdeveloped. Part of that reason is due to the deletion of the chromosome 5. Cri-du-chat is also known as 5P minus syndrome, Cat Cry, or CdCS, which got

  • Drosophila Melanogaster Lab Summary

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    Documenting independent assortment and genetic linkage In Drosophila melanogaster Marina Gayed BIOL 3251-004 Mr. Matthew Fuller 11 October 2017 Lab Partners Abdelrahman Sedik Aida Abdalla Eriny Saad According to Gregor Mendel, he came across two different inheritances laws found in genes: segregation and independent assortment. Mendel’s Law of Segregation states that each individual gene carries two alleles that segregate each allele into a different gamete during the phase of meiosis

  • Dna From The Nucleic Acid Structure

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    fruit fly has four pair of chromosomes, while a rice plant has 12, and a dog has 39? In addition, I did not know how chromosomes were first discovered by “Scientists looking at cells under the microscope first observed chromosomes in the late 1800s. Researchers gained a much better understanding of chromosomes in the early 1900s through Thomas Hunt Morgan’s pioneering studies. Morgan made the link between chromosomes and inherited traits by demonstrating that the X chromosome is related to gender and

  • Mitosis and Meiosis

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    their own operation The roles of mitosis Chromosome • A DNA molecule & attached proteins • Duplicated in preparation for mitosis 1

  • The Four Stages Of Cell Division

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    which one cell divides in to two new daughter cells that are genetically identical to one another. In the context of the cell cycle, mitosis is the part of the division process in which the DNA of the cell's nucleus is split into two equal sets of chromosomes. Mitosis on the other side is a process where a single cell divides in to two cells to produce four cells containing half the original amount of genetic information. These cells are the sex cells - sperm in males, eggs in females. Mitosis consist

  • Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis Essay

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    Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis with reference to i. Chromosomesii. Biological significance i. Chromosomes ii. Biological significance Modern cell theory states that all cells are derived from other cells. This means cells must have a way of copying themselves. This is cell division; two types of cell division are Meiosis and Mitosis. The comparison will be between Meiosis 1 and Mitosis, because Meiosis 2 is much the same as Mitosis. Dividing cells have a regular pattern of events,

  • Mitosis and Meiosis

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    Mitosis is a process by which a cell divides to form two daughter cells. They each have the same exact number and kind of chromosomes as the parent cell. Meiosis occurs in the primary sex cells leading to the formation of viable egg and sperm cells. They reduce the number of chromosomes to half in each gamete so that when they are getting furtilized, the species chromosome number is kept even. Mitosis happens in the reproduction of unicellular organisms and in the addition of cells to a tissue

  • Making The Onion Tip Root Cell Slide

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    we caught many cells in different phases. The significance of this lab was to better understand the process and stages of mitosis and meiosis and compare and contrast the mitotic process in plants and animals. We grasped the concepts of what the chromosomes look like, and what they look like in each step of the processes. Having read much about mitosis and meiosis, seeing these cells was the real application of describing and understanding the stages. Questions: MITOSIS IN ONION ROOT TIP SQUASHES

  • Assignment On Chromosomal Abberations And Down Syndrome

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    TERM PAPER EVALUATION ON CHROMOSOMAL ABBERATIONS AND DOWN SYNDROME GUIDED BY: SUBMITTED BY: Dr. SANJEEV KUMAR (Sr.) SHRUTI DHAMEJA BSM/13/104 B.Sc (H) MEDICAL BIOTECH DECLARATION I hereby declare that the term paper entitled “CHROMOSOMAL ABBERATIONS AND DOWN SYNDROME” submitted to AMITY INSTITUTE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, is a record of an original work done by me under the guidance of Dr. SANJEEV KUMAR (Sr.) and this project work has not performed

  • Human Development And Development Of Human Language

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    out, the answer could be more biological than we think: Involving our genes. The first gene discovered to be directly involved in the acquisition and development of speech and language was the Forkhead Box Protein (FOXP2). This gene, located on chromosome 7, appeared during the development of the brain, heart, lungs, and guts in both fetal and adult humans. The FOXP2 protein is what's known as a transcription factor, meaning that it works to regulate the expression of other genes throughout the body