Chronic Renal Failure Essay

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  • Chronic Renal Failure

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    "In 2009, there were 116,395 new kidney failure diagnoses, 571,414 people living with kidney failure and 90,118 deaths among people with kidney failure ". (1) Renal failure is a type of disease that happened to kidneys and prevent them from working properly. Renal failure can occur as an acute or chronic renal failure. Chronic renal failure describes abnormal kidneys structure and loss of kidneys function. It is often accompany with other conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular

  • Essay on Chronic Renal Failure

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    However, when the kidneys stop working completely, the situation known as end-stage renal failure (ESRF) occurs in CRF. Some diseases may cause CRF when patients are infected for a long time. Diabetes Mellitus One of the diseases that can cause CRF is diabetes mellitus, a major cause of renal failure. This disease can be defined as an increase in fasting blood glucose as a result of a deficiency in insulin, which is a hormone. The normal

  • Stages Of Chronic Renal Failure

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    End-stage renal disease is a permanent damage to the kidneys leading to need for dialysis on regular basis to maintain life and its quality (End- stage renal disease, 2013). According to National kidney foundation (2013), the number of ESRD patients in United States which are under treatment are approximately 615,000, out of which 430, 000 are being treated with dialysis more than 185, 000 have successful renal transplant. The data also indicates that there has been 57 % increase in the number of

  • Problems With Chronic Renal Failure

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    Mark is a four year old male who has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Mark has two older brothers, John and Max. His mom, Carol, is a teacher at the local elementary school. His dad, Mike, is a community police officer. Mark goes to preschool from 0800-1200 four days a week. They live in a rural community in small four bedroom house with their dog, Bruno. Everyone in the community seems close and supportive. Both Mark’s older brothers caught strep throat at school and then Mark caught it

  • Early Stage Chronic Renal Failure

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    conditions of ESCRF were obesity, glomerular disease (glomerulonephritis), heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, cerebrovascular accidents, urinary tract infections, urinary and kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, anaemia, oedema, delirium, streptococcal infections and, incontinence (Reference). Course/prognosis Early Stage Chronic Renal Failure (ESCRF) is defined as stages 1-3 of renal failure determined by the Glomerular Filtration rate (GFR) a formula incorporating Age, Gender, and Creatinine

  • Management of Fluid Overload in Chronic Renal Failure

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    Management of Fluid overload in Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) Chronic Renal Failure is a long term serious irreversible condition, described as the gradual loss of kidney function (McCarthy, et al 2009). The number of patients suffering from CRF in United Kingdom (UK) is rising rapidly. Ferenbach and Wood (2005, p.16) state that in UK, about 6000 people are commencing dialysis treatment per year. Fluid overload is a frequently observed finding in renal failure patients. About one third of the patients

  • Dialysis Encephalopathy: A Complication of Chronic Renal Failure

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    Complication of Chronic Renal Failure The neurological problems that patients with chronic renal failure face are relatively new to the medical world. Although dialysis was technically feasible in the 1940’s, it has only been since 1960 that techniques and equipment have been developed to make long term dialysis available as a practical treatment for end stage renal failure. Further, it has only been since 1973 when Medicare legislation was amended to include patients with chronic renal failure; and the

  • Essay on Chronic Renal Failure Case Study

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    A Nursing Case Study on Chronic Renal Failure In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in NCM-102 CRITERIA Introduction and Implications - 5% Objective - 5% Developmental Data - 5% Physical Assessment - 10% History - 5% Anatomy and Physiology - 5% Pathophysiology - 10% Interpretations - 5% Drug Studies - 5% Nursing Management - 20% Health Teachings - 5% Format - 5% Punctuality - 10% Reference - 5% _________________ TOTAL:

  • Kidney Failure Essay

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    composition. Lastly, the kidneys have a role in hormone synthesis. Renal Failure The renal

  • What is Renal Failure? Essay

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    To understand what renal failure is, it is important to know how the kidneys work and what the main functions are. The body has two kidneys on either side of the spine and the kidneys work to remove toxic waste and excess water by producing urine. The kidneys also help with controlling blood pressure and produce erythropoietin as well as aiding in keeping bones strong by producing calcetrol hormones. When the kidneys are unable to perform these functions it causes the kidneys to fail. There are different