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  • A Comparison Of Cimon 's Exile And Return ( Plutarch 136 )

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    Cimon was an Athenian military general living in the 6th and 5th century BCE. He was the son of Miltiades and Hegesipyle which made him very well known (Plutarch 120). Throughout his life, he lead many successful military missions as well as some unsuccessful. Cimon had a slight mishap when he advocated that there should be more cooperation between Athens and Sparta- two rival states. As a result, he was ostracised from Athens for 10 years beginning in 461BC. Cimon eventually returned to Athens around

  • Essay Pericles

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    In the aftermath of the council losing its power another Athenian, Cimon, attempted to stress a new conservatism within Athens and a pushed for cooperation and peace between Athens and Sparta (Pericles). Pericles and Ephialtes began the prosecution of Cimon which led to him being ostracized for ten years (Pericles). Ostracism, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a method of temporary banishment by

  • Athenian Imperialism and her Changing Relations with Allies

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    longer a threat in the Aegean, and Athens was demanding too much for too little in return. The League, under the control of Cimon, then besieged Thasos for two years, and 'destroyed their city walls, confiscated their navy, closed their mint and annexed their possessions on the mainland.' According to Thucydides, the period from the revolt of Thasos to the ostracism of Cimon (465-461BC) was the time when the main friction between Sparta and Athens occurred and eventually led to their war. If Sparta

  • The Impact of Pericles in the City of Athens Essay

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    Cimon was also young, good-looking, and the darling of the old but influential aristocratic class,”(Nardo 30). One of the biggest risks he took while campaigning against him was trying to remove from it completely so that he had no competition. “But, he then realized, that would require opposing the nobles and backing the commoners,” (Nardo 30). This was a risk, of course, that Pericles was willing to take. Eventually, he didn’t end up killing or taking Cimon out of it, but he did

  • Pericles : The Age Of Pericles Essay

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    excellent education which would subsequently lead him to his career. He first made a name for himself in the courtroom where he prosecuted the leading statesmen, Cimon, for accepting bribes in exchange to not invade Macedonia after winning a victory in Thrace. Although he was unsuccessful, it was this trial that began the conflict between Cimon and the democratic reformers (Blackwell, section 5). Pericles strongly disliked Sparta for their oligarchy practices, such as driving out foreigners (Harris,

  • Why Do Wars Arise And Recurrence? Essay

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    Why do wars arise and recurrence? Why do history always repeat itself? Especially when it comes down to cases where choices that are involved to create these wars are tangled by individuals who are very careful and great rational actors. There are many questions and many answers to this question. One of the causes of war many believe it’s true when wars come about is that a war cost cannot overpoweringly be high. By that I mean in the eyes of the individuals making the decisions there must be some

  • Essay about Gradual and Sudden Anxiety

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    People’s anxiety levels will be tested through their heart rates. The resting heart rate of 30 people will be taken, and then the test group will be split in half. The first 15 subjects are going to be told that they are going to watch a scary video. And for the last 15 we will not tell the subjects anything that will happen in the video. A series of health questions that have nothing to do with our project will be asked. The goal of this project is to record any changes in heart rate, due to anxiety

  • Animal Testing : The Rights Of Animal Rights

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    Originally, animal testing took place by Early Greek and Roman physician-scientists, such as Aristotle, (384 – 322 BC), Erasistratus, (304 – 258 BC), and Galen (129 – 199 / 217 AD). These scientists claimed they introduced this experiment because they wanted to have a better understanding of anatomy. A few years passed, Ibn Zuhr, an Arab physician in the twelfth century, presented animal testing as an experimental method to analyze surgical procedures before applying them to human patients. This

  • Impact Of Global Warming On The United States

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    Global warming, which is making oceans warmer, is causing an increase in the strength of hurricanes that could affect the United States. Today, there are less category 1, 2, and 3 hurricanes approaching the United States annually. But to counterbalance this effect, the intensity and frequency of category 4 and 5 hurricanes are greatly increasing (Shulman, #6). Therefore, there are a great deal of category four and five hurricanes that are bound to affect the United States. To begin the study of

  • Pericles Lion And The Sea-Onion Analysis

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    he Lion and the Sea-Onion. Most self-respecting artists would pick the former as the subject for a monument and dismiss the latter. Yet, the man behind the moniker of Sea-Onion cannot be so easily dismissed. Pericles, the great Athenian statesman, was nicknamed Schinocephalos , or Sea-Onion, by contemporary poets because of the large size of his head (“Pericles”, The Lion of Justice, in this case, refers to King Henry II of England (“King Henry II Biography”). On the surface, both Henry