Cinnamon Toast Crunch

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  • Description Of Description And Narration

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    May 29, 2017 ENTRY 7: Description and Narration Prewriting Describe: 1. The background drapes pour over the darkest bronze of curtain rods securely mounted onto the wall supporting two long, thick, silky, espresso-colored, double-thermal, 84 ' ' long curtains with a layer of fragile chiffon grazing the carpet gently due to the air conditioning vent kicking on and blowing the bottom left corner of the drape up and over gently to the side of the beige wall in my upstairs bedroom. In the foreground

  • General Mills : An Organization

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    to stay competitive in the global markets (*). In the past, General Mills has tried selling not just food but toys, jewelry and apparel (General Mills, Inc.). Today General Mills has a never ending list of food products from Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Progresso soups and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. The current mission for the company “is to make lives healthier, easier and richer. General Mills is Nourishing Lives (*).” They plan on achieving their mission by these three statements: • “We

  • Cocoa Puffs

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    cereals like Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Trix contains “Corn Syrup” (“Trix™ Bulkpak Cereal”) (one tablespoon has 16G of sugar), trisodium phosphate (also used in stain removers and general cleaners), processed sugars, and more. Some of Cocoa Puffs’ ingredients are cocoa processed with alkali, corn syrup, processed sugars, fructose (a type of sugar), Refiners Syrup ( processed inverted sugar syrup), and more. The ingredients in Cinnamon Toast Crunch are, maltodextrin, processed sugars

  • Annie's Homegrown: Company Analysis

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    yet, is owned by a larger business with different ideology. Examples of Annie’s products are Berry Bunnies (cereal), Cheddar Bunnies (crackers), yogurt, fruit tape, cinnamon rolls, pizza rolls, and more. Although the company was an independent business for 25 years, they were bought by General Mills – producer of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix, Gardetto’s, Yoplait, Fruit by the Foot, Pillsbury, Totino’s, etc. – in the year 2014. Annie’s mission is to “focus on organic ingredients.” On the

  • Personal Narrative: Where I Grow Up

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    I had only been six years old during the time of the move. Yet, nothing had processed to me that we were moving in no less than a month. Not the endless piles of boxes filled with all our belongings or the large trucks that had come and gone while taking the boxes with them. None of these reasons had processed in my head. I had loved the place where I had grown up in the first six years of my life. There had big guys in cars with loud siren things on top, constantly coming for the guy that lived

  • What´s Beta Glucan?

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    What is beta-glucan? Beta-glucan is a key component in soluble dietary fiber that may reduce cholesterol levels and blood –serum levels. Beta-glucan is found in the endosperm of oats and has been studied for its cholesterol reducing properties. When consumed, beta-glucan forms a thick mass during digestion. The mass is a gel like structure that decreases cholesterol absorption and re-absorption of bile salts.1 Cholesterol is needed to make bile salts, so when absorption is blocked the body will take

  • Manhunt Incident

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    Have you ever had that scare where your heart just stops and you freeze up? Well, I have and it was so scary I ran 15 mph. It was a saturday night and it was my neighbor's birthday party. I called my friend Gabby and I and said ”let’s meet up at the courts”,and so we did. When we met up and I saw a lot of other people that came for his party. We were getting bored, so we decided to play a game called Manhunt. Before we got to play a police officer came and said “have you kids seen anything suspicious

  • A Short Story : A Story, By Eddie Kaspbrak

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    slowly and “zombie-like”, strolled into the kitchen. He had to eat breakfast, and it was already 6:40. The bus arrives at 7:05. Eddie rapidly realized that he needed a sense of urgency. He dashed into the pantry, snatched a giant box of cinnamon toast crunch from a year ago, that was probably expired. But that didn’t matter now, he just needed to eat something before school. Eddie dumped the cereal into a shiny ceramic bowl, poured fresh milk into the bowl, then Eddie poured the

  • Experiment : Distillation And Tlc

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    Experiment 5: Distillation and TLC 1. For Fraction 1, below 110 degree Celsius (approximately 63 degree Celsius) because that is the boiling point for 1-hexene. For Fraction 2, around 143 degree Celsius because that is the boiling temperature for 2-bromohexane. 2. 1-hexene and 2-bromohexane are both in liquid states. So they have similar solubility. However, the recrystallization technique can be used only when two different compounds have different solubility. 1-hexene and 2-bromohexane cannot

  • Peanut Butter Puffs

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    day brings me. Slipping on my grey slippers and M&M robe, for of course, the safety of warmth, I go off into the darkness of the house to find my way into the kitchen. Reaching down into the cupboard I have to make a very hard decision. Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs. Deciding on the Reese's Puffs, I get the gallon of milk out of the fridge. After I make my delicious breakfast, I head back to my room and begin my favorite part of the morning;