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  • My Proposed Potential Annual Sporting Event

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    Event/Site Selection After examining the possibilities, my proposed potential annual sporting event is a 3v3 Basketball Tournament that would take place on Xavier’s campus in the Cintas Center. This tournament would take place on a Saturday in December of each year in the Cintas Center. The participants for this tournament would include kids and adults ages 7-22. In order to accumulate money towards the scholarship fund, registration will cost $5/$10 and food and drinks will be available for purchase

  • The League 's Best Center For The Past Seasons

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    1. DeMarcus Cousins- Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins has been the league’s best center for the past few seasons. Night in and night out, Cousins produces at an All-Star caliber level. Unfortunately he hasn’t been recognized for immense talent due to the ineptitude of the franchise he plays for (yeah, I’m looking at you Sacramento). Last season was Cousins’ best, he finished the year with per game averages of 26.9 points (4th in the league), 11.5 rebounds (5th in the league), and 1.4 blocks. He

  • Vietnam Internet Data Center Report

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    First Draft Bien Nguyen (; +84 95 888 8910) A MARKET STUDY ON INTERNET DATA CENTER IN VIETNAM Bien N. Nguyen +84 95 888 8910 First Draft TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 2. Bien Nguyen (; +84 95 888 8910) Executive Summary ......................................................................................................................... 3 Research Methodology and Report Objectives ................................

  • San Francisco Bay Consulting

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    San Francisco Bay (SFB) Consulting Simulation Requirements 1. Evaluate SFB’s current approach of treating Computer Services as a modified profit-center. Please refer to the Appendix below that I have created for details on how monthly rental rates and usage charges are developed by Computer Services and then charged to Consulting Groups. San Francisco Bay Consulting practical application of economic theory to business problems SF bays practice was divided into two groups – Business Consulting

  • Positioning and Differentation

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    standing, patient outcomes and care-related issues as patient volume, nursing care, advanced technology and recognition by outside organizations. The hospital has several consultation centers throughout Long Island and New York City to offer specialized healthcare to children right in their own community. The Centers provide specialized services for a broad range of medical conditions such as heart disease, neurological disorders, cancer, Lyme disease, growth deficiencies, and other childhood illnesses

  • An Excited Loud Echoes Through Ford Field

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    that our bus was next, a message came over the speakers: “Buses 91-100 will not be leaving today. Due to traffic delays, the buses are now needed to go pick up volunteers from this morning. All remaining participants: follow your leader to the Cobo Center.” In one moment, my struggling smile faded and I was on the verge of tears. Thoughts flooded my mind: “How could this happen? Didn’t they know they needed a few more buses? I waited all this time for nothing? How could I miss this, it’s what I came

  • The Employment Of Contemporary Virtualization Technologies

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    Resources that could have been used in the buying and maintaining data center infrastructure will be used in citizen centered services and other new innovations that can go a long way to assist the citizen and ensure smooth running of the government. Therefore, cloud computing will be a driving force to ensuring efficiency in the way public resources are managed to the advantage of the people. Every public office has a data center infrastructure where its data is stored and retrieved when needed. In

  • The Biography And Career Plan

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    The biography and career plan laid out in this paper provide me with a useful guide as I evaluate my professional life and establish goals for myself. I am able to apply the insights and advice I received from my interviewee to my desired career direction and map out a course of action. Jamie Minkler Biography Jamie Minkler is currently the Signature Program and Events Manager for the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club in Anaheim, California. She holds a B.S. in Marketing with a minor in Business Management

  • Organization And Nursing Mission And Vision

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    Organizational Analysis Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas Medical Center (TMC) is the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in Texas. The organization serves Houston and surrounding communities with a total of 12 facilities. This particular campus is an academic level one trauma hospital located in the heart of the TMC. The TMC is one of the biggest leading medical centers in the world and has approximately 50 medical facilities and around 20 hospitals. Memorial Hermann Hospital TMC encompasses

  • Cloud Computing And The Protection Of Intellectual Property

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    Trust in Cloud Computing Cloud computing has a duty to protect data privacy and some countries are going to great measures to further ensure that their data is kept within their national borders (Trend Micro, 2013). It has been suggested that new ethics frameworks are necessary in order to instill trust in the industry based on known parameters that include • the use of critical equipment, • management of critical data, • respect for privacy, • security and longevity of information, • And the