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    Cisco Systems ERP – Case Study Andree Grecchi Hawai’i Pacific University 2/19/2014 IS 6005 Professor: Ken Rossi Table of Contents Who is Cisco? 2 Prehistorical Infrastructure 4 Seeking for a new start 4 Evaluation 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Who is Cisco? Cisco is one of the most powerful and successful corporation in the IP network industry. In the fiscal 2013 their revenue totaled $48.6 billion and their Net Income was $10.0 billion (Cisco 2013

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    Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP [HBR case #699022] Reviews Cisco System's approach to implementing Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software product. This case chronologically reviews the diverse, critical success factors and obstacles facing Cisco during its implementation. Cisco faced the need for information systems replacement based on its significant growth potential and its reliance on failing legacy systems. The discussion focuses on where management was particularly savvy

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    study “Social Strategy at Cisco Systems” written by Mikolaj J. Piskorski, Daniel Malter, and Aaron Smith. It emphasis on a main concern, which is aligned with Cisco Learning Network and Internet of Everything (IoE) and is presented in a question; how can Cisco’s phenomenon of “Internet of Everything” be attained through Cisco Learning Network? The issue highlights the importance of Cisco’s strategic commitment of advancing and supporting the Internet of everything. The Cisco Learning Network, a social

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    Cisco IT Case Study Acquisition Integration How Cisco Applies Companywide Expertise for Integrating Acquired Companies Faster, smoother integrations help to realize acquisition value. Cisco on Cisco Case Study/Business Management/Cisco Acquisition Integration: Acquiring companies that offer attractive technologies, products, or market opportunities has been a major growth strategy for Cisco®. To help integrate these companies rapidly, consistently, and with minimal disruption, Cisco has formed

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    Assessing corporate culture Cisco Systems MBA 501: Organizational Dynamics and Leadership Professor: Dr. Bruce Hiebert Gurjot Singh Friday, April 09, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 3 2 About Cisco Systems 3 2.1 Vision, mission 3 2.2 Slogans, legends and myths 5 2.3 Organizational structure 6 3 Human Network and leadership 8 3.1 Employees and rewards 8 3.2 Training and teaching 12 3.3 Leaders’ functions and Change management

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    Cisco Systems Inc. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT REPORT Date Submitted November, 20, 2013 Table of Contents SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS 0 Products and Services Offeered 0 Global Markets Currently Served 0 Corporate Structure and Leadership Resources and Competitive Position 0 COMPANY'S EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 0 Competitors in Top Five Countries Served 0 Marktst For Company and Rivals 0 Key Success Factors for Their Market 0 COMPANY'S COMPETITIVE POSITION 0 Competitive Position

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    and Mike Thomas of Cisco Systems, Inc (Cisco) were both leaders of strategic alliance management teams that were formed in early 1997. Both teams were created to help facilitate the strategic alliance that was formed between HP and Cisco. As with all alliances, a wide variety of issues and challenges emerged that had be to be resolved and it was the purpose of the alliance teams to solve such issues. Beginning in February 2002, a formal contract to expand the HP and Cisco alliance was being negotiated

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    Chapter 6 (Short Answer) Management What Would You Do? Cisco Systems, Palo Alto, California. Your board of directors wants to know: How should Cisco grow? Your response was, “Well, the way we’ve grown in the past is. . . .” “No. That’s not the question. Looking backward is easy. How should we grow in the future? Should we build or buy?” And with the next board meeting in only 3 months, you don’t have much time to come up with the answer. Cisco started in 1984 as the plumbers of the Internet by making

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    Cisco systems Architecture: ERP and Web-Enabled IT Case Introduction and Background and analysis of the Business Cisco Systems, a Global leading company that manufactures and markets Internet Protocol (IP) equipment, uses routers to send digital and voice data over the Internet. Founded in 1984 by three former Stanford University Students, Cisco first found early success by targeting Government agencies, Universities, and the Aerospace industry. In 1998, Cisco began targeting big businesses

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    思科系統(Cisco Systems)公司介紹 2007/09 • 思科在全球簡介 思科系統(Cisco Systems)為全球網路設備領導廠商,於1984年由史丹佛大學的兩位學者創立,企業總部位於美國加州聖荷西。自1995年1月起至今,約翰錢伯斯擔任思科系統總裁兼執行長,並將於2006年底兼任董事會主席一職。目前思科在全球67個國家已有超過400個以上的分支據點,擁有61,535名員工(2007/7/28);就亞太地區部份,思科於1994年分別在澳洲雪梨、中國北京、香港、韓國漢城與新加坡等地相繼成立分公司,至今已在亞太地區主要的13個國家中設有辦公室,亞洲市場持續成為思科擴展最快速的地區。思科透過香港、印度、印尼、韓國、馬來西亞、中國大陸(北京、上海、廣州、成都)、菲律賓、新加坡、台灣和泰國等地的分支機構,支援整個亞洲地區的代理商和經銷商。此外,思科也在亞太地區共計成立3個技術支援中心(Technology Assistance Center ; TAC),隨時以最新、最專業的科技因應世界趨勢的變化。 • 思科的企業哲學 思科系統的企業哲學就是「聆聽客