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  • The Effects of Citrus Canker and Citrus Greening on the Florida Citrus Industry

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    For citrus growers in Florida, the future is uncertain. Two bacterial diseases, named citrus canker and citrus greening disease, have devastated countless acres of trees across the state. For an industry that “generates about $8.9 billion a year,” this is no small issue (“Citrus Greening”). The Florida Citrus Grower’s Association would like to import a landrace of orange discovered in China that is resistant to citrus greening disease and test it in Florida to discover its effects on both citrus canker

  • Citrus Fruits Baby

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    United States, citrus fruit, in particular oranges, are the staple crop of Florida. The importance of citrus fruit production to U.S. agriculture as a whole is enormous. Within the United States alone, the consumption of oranges per person is greater than that of any other fruit. In 2011, the average American consumed an astonishing 76.3 pounds of citrus fruit per year (Boriss, 2013, pg. 1). With such a great deal of the average American diet being so heavily reliant on the citrus fruit industry

  • Citrus Fruits

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    Fight Off the Excess Body Weight by Including Citrus Fruits in Your Diet Fruits are an immediate source of nutrition. Thus, taking a diet which is rich in fruits is an excellent way to attain more body energy and to keep the body well hydrated at all times. Nowadays, almost all types of fruits are available in the markets, year-round. Fruits are also quite helpful in improving the immune system, blood circulation, skin glow, digestive system and overall health of the body. While a diet rich in

  • Antibacterial Properties of Essential Oils Essay

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    Present study proves that, citrus fruit juices are great antimicrobial agents against certain microorganism and they can be used as medicine for treatment of bacterial infections. The tests of antimicrobial activity and the MIC assays showed promising results that fresh citrus fruit juices are good in killing bacteria. (Bansode.DS et al., IRJP 2012) Lemon is one of the Family Rutaceae. It is prepared primarily for its alkaloids, which having anticancer activities and the antibacterial properties

  • Apples and Oranges Essay

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    Christopher Columbus sailed for the New World, he carried with him seeds of oranges and other types of citrus fruits. The seeds were planted on the island of Hispaniola. Just as the Europeans spread apple trees westward in the United States by moving further that way. The Indians spread citrus trees beyond the Spanish Plantations by dropping seeds from fruit they were eating. Soon groves were of wild citrus trees. Orange trees never stop growing. By the time it is 20, it may

  • Environmental Pollution

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    different researches have assayed different methods in order to obtain new raw material products from fruits and vegetables processing by products (Calín-Sánchez et al., 2012). Large scale consumption as fresh fruits, the Citrus fruits are mainly processed to produce juice. The waste of Citrus fruits processing industry left after juice extraction, such as peels, pulps and seeds, corresponding to about 50% of the raw processed, fruit can be used as a potential source of valuable by products, (El Adawy et

  • Okeechobee County

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    In modern years, farms have been expanding. At this time, the county has 11,270 acres in citrus, with 1,261,000 citrus trees producing 3,201,000 boxes of citrus fruit each year. Most of Okeechobee County's citrus trees are orange trees. The county has 1,039,600 orange trees and 169,800 grapefruit trees. The remaining are tangerines and other kinds of citrus. Tourism is the second biggest industry in the county. Every winter, thousands of people

  • Benefits Of Lemon Oil

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    Lemon Oil Lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world and it helps in digesting the food easily. It also adds pleasant flavors and fragrances for food. Besides, lemon juice is the most popular beverage in the world because it is very healthy, delicious and affordable. A Lemon tree has a general height of 15 feet and it can bear flowers and fruits at the same time. The Lemon oil is extracted from the skin of the fruit. Commercially, Lemon oil sold in today's world come from either

  • Chemistry Vitamin C

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    tamin C, ascorbic acid, is one of the most important vitamins found in citrus juices, including orange juice. Often projects find that orange juices made from frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) have the highest vitamin C levels as compared to freshly squeezed or not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices. This is probably due to the fact that vitamin C degrades over time in fresh and NFC, but doesn't degrade as much in FCOJ due to it being frozen until reconstitution. If one is comparing a NFC product

  • Harmful Effects Of Lycopene

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    Tomatoes(Lycopene): Tomatoes are a rich source of the antioxidant lycopene, as well as vitamin c, potassium, folate, vitamin K and flavonoids. The beneficial effect of tomatoes is strongest for cancer of the prostate because of the prime active ingredient lycopene. This phytochemical lycopene fights free radicals that can cause cancer. Cooked tomatoes are the most beneficial and by eating seven to ten helpings per week you can cut prostate symptoms by 40 % and has a beneficial effect on many other