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  • Decision Making : The Decision's Effect On Our Life

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    make a choice never realizing the effect that particular choice may have on our future and consequently the impact it may have on others. In the political career of Carlo DeMaria, Mayor of the city of Everett, Massachusetts, that decision came on a day when he was a sophomore at Northeastern University in the city of Boston. Enrolled as a criminal justice major at Northeastern, Mr. DeMaria had his eye on a career in the world of law enforcement with a particular interest in the Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Community Reflection

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    After the hectic schedule and finally going to the town-hall meeting made me realize how these meetings help our community grow into a better university. My wellness team went to different ones and we didn't collaborate in the same ideas but seen a few in our times that went that we thought were a great influence on today's community. Of course at some points it became boring but I beleive main goal at the end of the meeting was to bring a topic that needed to be brought up and some ideas that can

  • Joseph Reed Case Study

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    Melbourne Town Hall is the central municipal building of the City of Melbourne, designed by joseph reed, located on the northeast corner of Swanston and Collins Streets. Joseph Reed was one of the Melbourne’s leading architects for three decades; design more notable buildings than any of his rivals and winning the biggest and the best contracts. As xxx said, It was through them that he came to dominate the architectural scene with projects. Reed travelled overseas in the 1860s, and after this it

  • Urban Tourism

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    Impacts of Urban Tourism: A Case Study of Cape Town Introduction For many countries, tourism is regarded as a new activity. It is becoming one of the most crucial social and economic activities. The increase in the demand for urban tourism or tourism in cities has occurred over the last few decades (Paskeleva-Shapira, 2003).However, the literature on urban tourism is still relatively new (Tyler, Guerrier, and Robertson, 1998; Timur and Getz, 2008). Urbanisation is a global process

  • My Home Town Is A Beautiful Place: My Home Town

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    My home town is a beautiful place. It has a long history and splendid culture, He is Tengzhou. Teng began with Huang Di, named for the territory of the "slugging ". Tengzhou is an ancient land, according to archaeological discoveries, as early as 7300 years ago in the Neolithic period, there have been human reproduction. It was the hometown of Mo-tse, an ancient great thinker, educator, scientist, military strategist and social activist. The area of Tengzhou city in the Qin and Han Dynasties is smaller;

  • Twin City History

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    history of Twin City. The few things I will be discussing are how Twin City got its name, how and when twin city started, how big twin city is and how many people live in this area. I will be adding my own thing like what I like to do for fun around twin city. Well way back there was two towns Summit and Gray Mont where Hall is at that was Gray Mont and on the other side was Summit. There was still one school but two very small towns side by side. Then one day the city hall got together

  • Personal Reflection

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    from witnessing it for myself at this week's town hall meeting in Fort Bragg, brilliant individuals such as George Reinhardt and Doctor Thais Mazur can devote so much of their life to a cause, for it just to come down to a “yes” or “no” vote in the end. For our semester project in civics, each of the students were tasked with objective of learning what we can really be doing in society to see even our change realized. Attending this local town hall meeting, and participating in our discussions in

  • Creative Writing: The Treaty Of Paris

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    The year is 1784. The Treaty of Paris has just been signed by the American Colonists and the British Empire. Our story begins in Philadelphia, as the Confederation Congress was in session. The snow slowly trickled down on the streets of the city as the men furiously argued to adopt some piece of legislation that would stop the British onslaught. “Order! Order!” George Washington yelled, as he slammed his gavel on his desk. The room became silent. All of the men from all of the colonies stopped

  • Rhyolite History

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    dried up, many of these newly-found, remote towns emptied out, as its inhabitants moved to larger areas looking for new opportunities. These are some of the coolest ghost towns that still stand within American territory. Number Seven: Bodie, California Prospector W.S. Body founded Bodie in 1859 in California, close to the Nevada border, after finding gold reserves in the area. At the peak of the Gold Rush, Bodie had a population of 10,000. By 1950, the town was completely deserted. Nowadays, it remains

  • Personal Narrative: Drive-By Town

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    Growing up in a small town, Community is everything. Everyone rallies together for the same cause and belief. Knowing that, my hometown of Maple Lake has a small population of about 2,000 residents, many people see our town as a “Drive-By town”. Every town has a story to tell, I believe Maple Lake needs a new design to our downtown area, to encourage growth and thriving business, which in turn helps boost the town's economy. The current downtown area is a simple street with a few businesses and