Clan Sinclair

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  • Flashbacks And Symbolism In We Were Liars By Emily Lockhart

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    Coincidentally, the next chapter talks about the actual fire in the Sinclair family. This leads me to think they connect somehow. I think the mouse must symbolise “the Liars” as they wanted to burn Clairmont down. However, they wanted to do it for a different reason which was to “not let the family fall apart” (page 181). Even before the fire, Cadence’s life wasn’t the brightest. On pages 222-224 the last story is clearly about the Sinclair family, as it states some names. In this story, it explains

  • We Were Liars Character Analysis

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    person's character. Cadence Sinclair is the daughter of Penny Sinclair and granddaughter of Harris Sinclair. Every summer Cadence and the liars vacation at Beechwood where they are blind to all lifes troubles because their vision is clouded by money and power. In the beginning of We Were Liars, Cadence does not know what happened during her accident or the cause of her accident. She is confused, she feels weak and pities herself. She says, “MY FULL NAME is Cadence Sinclair Eastman. I live in Burlington

  • The Importance Of Perfection In We Were Liars

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    quote shows that race is, in fact, an “issue” that people pick at. Usually it is people who think they are perfect. Anyone who thinks this is just plain wrong. Any person who believes they are better than someone because of their race is wrong. The Sinclair family tries so hard to be perfect that it hurts others. Meaning Gat. They push him away and make him feel alienated because they are worried of what other people might think. No one should be hurt at someone else's hand, just because they think

  • Cinderheart Diary Entry

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    everything about the Clans, and it was a shock to learn her name: Hollyleaf! She’s Lionblaze and Jayfeather”s sister and was believed to be dead, but here she is: taking us out of the tunnels. She pleaded with us not to tell ThunderClan that she was found, but Lionblaze found us before she could disappear and he took Hollyleaf, Dovewing, and me back to camp, and our Clanmates were shocked to see Hollyleaf again. We told Firestar what we heard, and promised he’d keep the Clan vigilant in case of an

  • The Krigsmen: A Short Story

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    like that. She glanced up at the other clan in front of her. Half of them held an expression of pure fear and panic while the others’ eyes danced with rage. “I can’t believe you would have the audacity to accuse my clan of murder with what you have just done before all our very own eyes.” Mulan growled, “I believe it is quite obvious that we

  • Creative Writing: Grayson Banners

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    They acted like wolves, sometimes killing, and always embarrassing their opponent. Grayson could never understand why they fought, but the champions always got a position of authority. The champions would go off and start clans. Up to this point there were about seven clans. People had spread so far out there was never an exact amount. So this is where we find Grayson. Grayson had dirty blond short hair. Everyone was seventeen since they were all created 17 years ago. He had a partially tan complexion

  • Empire Island: Beya Clan

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    near the eastern shore where the Beya clan lived. It was a bountiful land, where the First Woods provided for them in abundance with a vast array of fruits, vegetables, and grain along the riverside and fish in the water. Their dwellings were tee-pees – portable homes made with long poles, two adjustable smoke flaps, a detachable bear-skin cover over the entrance, and a partial interior ceiling that covers sleepers and protects them from rain. The Beya clan had claimed the impressive plateau many

  • American Indians Totemic Beliefs

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    No clan in any shape or form, can share the same ideas of another clan. A totem is usually an object; it is not an animal nor an individual. Totems are not randomly named, some are named after an ancestor or ancestors for certain groups. This shows that the totem can be named after a “mythical

  • Captain Joshua Arter: A Narrative Fiction

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    return. Our people are divided into 5 clans; The 1st Clan,The Earth Clan, The 2nd Clan, The Water Clan, The 3rd Clan, The Fire Clan, The 4th Clan, The Sky Clan, and lastly, the 5th Clan, The Warrior Clan. Each Clan works together to develop a peaceful society. The 1st clan is actually much like you humans. They live on land, and are known for their agriculture.” They passed by a large field of farmland, with large fruit growing from beautiful plants. “The 2nd clan lives deep below water, and feature

  • Clans: A Narrative Fiction

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    Clans I looked down the battle field, ashes of broken warriors and monsters covered the ground. I needed to get back to Earth Clan. I turned around to see a creature, mumbling unspoken words to me. I pulled back my bow, arrow in place, but the monster charged and I didn’t have enough time to shoot. I pulled out my sword, and swung it this way and that. The wretched creature whipped me on my hip. I gasped in pain. With one quick shot-with-an-arrow, the monster lay, dead. All in five seconds, it disappeared