Clare W. Graves

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  • The Experience Side Of Consciousness

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    Consciousness is part biology, “…each state of consciousness is composed of a number of basic psychological processes such as memory, thought, sense of time, body-perception and the senses of hearing, smell, taste, and so on”, and part experience. (Wilber 52) I am going to focus on the experience side of consciousness because it is less concrete than the genetic side. It is a concept that is socially constructed to define an abstract phenomenon. Consciousness is the awareness of being conscious.

  • Tesco Value System

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    1. Background of Value Systems Theory The value systems framework originated from the inventive research work of Dr Clare W. Graves. Abraham Maslow was the first psychologists, who initialize the concept of developmental stages of individual requirements. The self-actualization is the highest hierarchy of Maslow's theory. Dr. Graves disagreed with this limited and closed Maslow's hierarchy. However, according to Graves's theory, the human development is an open-ended development process, where an

  • The Importance Of Life In Victorian London

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    plan for the increasing numbers of the dead. Burial grounds and churchyards were filled beyond capacity with coffins stacked on top of each other in deep shafts. Open graves sat just feet from the living world. The dead lay amongst the living while

  • Success and Failure in Organizational Change

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    change intervention and of those members of an organization undergoing the change. In order to test this assertion, the article begins by reviewing the change literature with regard to the impact of values on success and failure. It then examines Graves’

  • Literary Group in British Poetry

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    The history of English poetry stretches from the middle of the 7th century to the present day. Over this period, English poets have written some of the most enduring poems in Western culture, and the language and its poetry have spread around the globe. Consequently, the term English poetry is unavoidably ambiguous. It can mean poetry written in England, or poetry written in the English language. The earliest surviving poetry was likely transmitted orally and then written down in versions that do

  • Does Tony Blair Run a Presidential Style Administration

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    DOES TONY BLAIR RUN A PRESIDENTIAL-STYLE ADMINISTRATION? In this paper, I intend to analyse the extent to which the current Labour administration shows the characteristics of a presidential government. To do this, the term ‘presidential' must first be defined. A definition of a presidential government that is generally accepted by political analysts is ‘a system of government in which the powers of the president are constitutionally separate from those of the legislature.' The British system

  • Socio Technical System

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    Socio-technical systems theory: an intervention strategy for organizational development Steven H. Appelbaum Professor of Management, Faculty of Commerce & Administration, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Integrating organizational development (OD) and technological intervention into a total system is one of the more difficult tasks for an executive or consultant to execute. Organizations are profoundly affected by technological advancements and require a flexible customized change