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  • Class treasurers speech ending

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    take your breath away, that you measure the rest of your life on. Remember____________ for treasurer. You don't want to repeat like you always hear people do. Just like this! If you vote for me I plan to make this school more fun and exciting. Vote for me so the year will be filled with those moments that take your breath away, that you measure the rest of your life on. Remember____________ for treasurer. If you vote for me I plan to make this school more fun and exciting. Vote for me so the year

  • Iran Case Study

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    Moving on to my second point, I would like to discuss the nature of the sanctions implemented on Iran due to the nuclear issue more in detail so we can get a better realization of what the public civilians in Iran have gone through. It is worth mentioning that Iran has been facing sanctions with respect to the selling of any aircraft and any parts related to them and even the maintenance and inspection of airplanes since 1979. Regardless of the reasons behind it, for a moment let’s imagine how would

  • The New Operator Instantiates A Class

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    instance of a class where the object can be a combination of variables, functions, and data structures. INSTANCE: The new operator instantiates a class by allocating memory for a new object and returning a reference to that memory, "instantiating a class" means the same thing as "creating an object." When you create an object, you are creating an "instance" of a class. CLASS: It is a template that describes the data and behavior associated with instances of that class. When you instantiate a class you create

  • Does Class Size Really Make a Difference?

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    for students to study in a small class. For their love for their children, parents want to give the best resource to their children. For money, not all of the family could afford the high price. It is really a difficult question. But in my opinion, class size is not important for students; children in large size classes could study as well as students in small size classes. Many parents think small size class is better, and they think smaller class sizes might be expected to improve

  • Increasing Higher Level Science Classes During Grades 11 And 12

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    during grades 11 and 12?” I gathered both qualitative and quantitative data from these activities. From the survey, given to 11th and 12th grade female students who were either have taken or will be taking an AP science classes or regular science class this year, it was evident that there is a lack of interest with science outside the classroom, but most believe they have a good understanding in scientific tasks. This survey was given to 23 female students who met the criteria. Out of the 23 females

  • Outline Of A Red Black Tree

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    /**Implement Red Black Tree * RedBlackTreeNode Class **/ class RBTNode { RBTNode lChild, rChild; int el; int colour; public RBTNode(int element) { this( element, null, null ); } public RBTNode(int element, RBTNode l, RBTNode r) { lChild = l; rChild = r; el = element; colour = 1; } } /** Class RBTree **/ class RBTree { private RBTNode actual; private RBTNode parent; private

  • The Future Of Education: On-Line Classes Essay

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    The Future Of Education: On-Line Classes "The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast," says management philosopher Peter Drucker (qtd. in Ebeling and Gubernick). One form of distance learning, on-line education (courses offered over the Internet), has caught the eye of the public and is forcing educators to reevaluate the present state of the educational system. Because of their convenience, cost, and amount of and access

  • Use Of A Computer On The Basic Level

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    Nowadays we live in the era of computers. Everybody should know at least how to use a computer on the basic level. I 've found a great resource both for those who are willing to improve their programming skills and for those who only start programming! Example: In this hour, you get a chance to learn some Python basics, such as using the print function to display output. You will read about using variables and how to assign values to variables, and you will gain an understanding of their data types

  • The First Day Of English Class

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    but the only thought going through my head is, why? Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why did I make this mistake? It was the first day of English class and the teacher asked, “who here has ever given a class presentation before?” I looked around hoping, praying, that someone else is like me. However fate was not on my side. Every hand in the class was proudly raised high and I was all alone on my little island of fear. The teacher looked directly at me and asked why I had not ever done a presentation

  • Reflection For Classroom Learning

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    To learn this week’s material, answer the discussion post, program the programming assignment, and get a good grade on the self-quiz, I studied the learning material for almost 6 hours a day. I find if fun to sit down with the learning material, which was chapters one and two, and take notes during all my free-time. My reactions to the learning material chapters one and two are so much information, that I didn’t have enough time to read the optional learning material, or watch the optional video