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  • The Importance Of A Classical Music Concert

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    to hear several guitar concerts each semester. If you’ve never attended a classical music concert before, you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of it. This is perfectly normal and is not specific to classical music. I’m sure you can imagine how out of place one might feel attending a Phish concert if one wasn’t accustomed to the culture that goes along with that music. The same can be said for all genres of music. The main thing to remember when attending these concerts is that the focus is on

  • Classical Music Concert Analysis

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    and Quintet performance was the first of Biola University’s classical music concert series in Fall 2017. For two hours classical music lovers crowded into the Crowell Music Building Auditorium of Biola University Conservatory of Music to listen to great concert music from Professor Li-shan Hung (piano) and her guest performers Mary Irwin (violin), Lisa Boyko (viola), Alan Harrell (cello), and Elizabeth Ann Larson (violin). The concert began at 7:30 pm with Johannes Brahms’ Piano Quartet Number

  • Classical music concert report

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    MUAR 211 Concert Report 1 McGill Baroque Orchestra and McGill Cappella Antica I attended the concert of McGill Baroque Orchestra and McGill Cappella Antica on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 7:30 p.m. What special about this concert was the guest conductor and solo violinist Adrian Butterfield. The performed pieces were Welcome to all the pleasures, Leclair’s Violin Concerto in A major, Locatelli’s Introduzione teatrale in G major, C. P. E. Bach’s Sinfonia in C major and My heart is inditing

  • Classical Music Concert Narrative

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    September, I attended the concert Windfire: Flute and Percussion Spectacular at Rammelkamp Chapel. Paula & John Kasica performed on the flute and percussion with Nancy Shaaf accompanying on the piano. This was my first time attending a live classical music concert. I didn’t know what to expect. My limited experiences with classical music were listening while I studied or using it to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I worried that I might fall asleep during the concert. As it turns out, I had no

  • Concert At Msg, And I Missed It

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    And they were able to share the very specific artists and shows that they have seen and would like to see next. I believe it was a Michael Buble Concert at MSG, and I missed it as I was away on my honeymoon…Yes, I 'm planning to check out Shakespeare in the Park in the next few weeks as it just opened for the season…Live events help bring out the exciting adventurous side of my personality, as well as the energetic and fun-loving side. Dina I want peace and culture that I feel through ballet and

  • The Impact Of Uk Music Events On The Uk

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    ABSTRACT: • Events are diverse in nature and can range from concerts, festivals, conferences, product launches, sporting spectacles, corporate hospitality and incentive programmes. They promote interchange of knowledge and lead to growth in trade development, tourism and creative enterprise. The events industry worldwide and in the UK is growing at a rapid pace. It is extremely important for event organizers to acknowledge and recognize the impact of the events industry on the UK economy. According

  • My Love Of Music : The Power Of Rap Music

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    beloved youth of doing on a daily basis: not listening. I was tricked into loving rap music by participating in my favorite activity – one that steals my time and money – going to concerts. There, I witnessed the power of the rap narrative and its power when given to a live, reactive audience. I went to my first concert when I was 16. I had begged my mom to take me to Sarah McLachlan, a chanteuse of glorious pop melodies and soprano range. The show itself was powerful and enchanting, and I had

  • On The Second Of March, I Attended A Classical Music Concert

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    On the second of March, I attended a Classical music concert at the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles Pierce College. The Pierce College afternoon concerts are sponsored by the Associated Students Organization. The event I attended featured the Belrose Duo. The duo consists of David Garrett and his wife Junko Ueno Garrett. David Garrett played the cello and the viola da gamba and Junko Ueno Garrett played the piano. They performed three compositions from two different periods, the Baroque and

  • My First Classical Musical Concert At Brooklyn College

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    On April 13, 2016 I attended my first classical musical concert at Brooklyn College called “The Music for Strings 1”. The concert had various well known artists and amazing pieces which made it a hard decision to choose between. The music piece I chose is “Partita for Violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV1004, Verse Chaconne”, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. The student who performed this piece, Sainatee Suarez, did an amazing job and kept me listening the whole time! Not much is known about Bach’s private

  • No Bruce Springsteen Or Billy Joel Concert

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    and uneasy. This is how I felt the night my friends introduced a new idea to go to a metal concert for the first time. This was no Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel concert; it was a new entity that was explicitly more fierce and threatening that I have ever imagined. Metal concerts are dangerous and unappealing places where people fight, get hurt, and are reckless with their behavior; attending these concerts have demonstrated how revoking the people and venue can be, and have changed my views on them