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    The book “The Alchemist” teaches you about following your dreams no matter what the consequences are. The book is about a kid that follows his dreams no matter what,and people help him through out the way .In the alchemist tells to NEVER lose hope and,it teaches us that a person desires something the whole universe will conspire to help that person realise his dream. Santiago led a flock of sheep all among the countryside,and throughout he started to like stuff and wanted to accomplish more stuff

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    The Alchemist Santiago, the main protagonist, never gave up and continued to follow his dreams despite him going through many obstacles. The conflict arises as he’s trying to find treasure depicted to him through a dream while trying to overcome the brutality of the world and those trying to hold him back. The conflict enhances the story, as he did not give up and kept moving towards his goal with the help of friends that he meets throughout his journey in order to seek out his dreams. The boy was

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