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  • The Importance Of Big Data

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    Big Data is Large sets of information that may be analyzed to reveal patterns or trends. So how does it start small? In the beginning of this episode one of the speakers says, “Every single data point has a human story.” Today many people are pursuing their passions, while being able to gather data. This data is not only useful for research, but can save lives. Warnings for flash floods, disaster reliefs maps, or protecting our planet — We, “The Crowd” can play a big role in our communities or even

  • Tired Of Being Broke Research Paper

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    Tired of Being Broke? Here are Some Ways to Make More Money in 2016! Are you in your 50s and tired of living like a college student? Or, maybe you're a college student and you're tired of trying to sustain yourself on a ramen noodle diet. No matter how old you are, living paycheck to paycheck is just plain stressful. If you're tired of being broke and/or not making enough money, here are just 7 helpful ways to make more money in 2016. Go Back to School: While it may seem very counterproductive