Close air support

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  • The Incorporation of Aviaton Assets to Help Support Ground Operations in the Battlefield

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    The incorporation of aviation assets to help support ground operations has created many benefits. Close air support for joint operations provides over watch and security with great firepower and precision. Another great benefit is the ability for medical evacuation, support, and resupply. The combination of air assets with ground forces aids in battlefield momentum and domination over the enemy when performed without hesitation. An example of air and ground forces complimenting each other would

  • MDMP Paper

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    Coordination for Close Air Support and the Lack of Operational- and Strategic-level Coordination. The first error that occurred was poor intelligence preparation of the battlefield. The

  • Pearl Harbor Accuracy Essay

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    Pearl Harbor The movie Pearl Harbor is historically inaccurate because of the fact that it doesn’t have a correct order of events, appropriate weaponry and because of it’s usage of props that were unavailable at the time. First of all in the movie Pearl Harbor, the actual sequence of events that occured on December 7, 1941 was that the japanese sent two seperate waves of fighter planes to attack the U.S Naval base of Pearl Harbor. (Memorials) However in the movie Pearl Harbor the attack on the naval

  • Confusion Of Control And Control Of Operation Anaconda

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    operation. Even though it was a joint operation, this does not necessarily mean cohesive. This is especially true of the air operations. Poorly executed joint functions, primarily air operations, resulted in diminished close air support capabilities during Operation Anaconda due to confusion of control of aviation assets, lack of proper communication equipment, and available air coordination personnel were overwhelmed. Confusion of control of Aviation Assets The first reason for the diminished capabilities

  • General Pete Quesada And The Triumph Of Tactical Air Power During World War II

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    General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II I would like to begin my paper with the quote by John Kennedy “learning and Leadership are indispensable to each other.”1 I think it is a great saying about leadership I have ever heard. There are many books about leadership. But if someone wants to be a good leader and if they do not have leadership abilities, character from birth, they will never be able to be a good leader. When we say leader, we have to think about people

  • The Battle Of Ia Drang Nco Academy

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    American forces were elements of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division: the 1/7 AC Battalion, 2/7 AC Battalion and the 2/5 AC Battalion of the 2nd Air Cavalry Brigade of the United States Army, facing elements of the B3 Front of the PAVN (including the 304th Division) and Viet Cong). The battle involved close air support by U.S. Army helicopter gunships and U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy tactical jet aircraft, and a bombing attack by USAF B-52s. The initial North Vietnamese assault against the landing 1st

  • Battle Of The Bay Of Pigs

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    conducted against anyone who criticized the government. Cuba’s geographical location is a concern to US interest due its close proximity to US soil. The US’ fear of Cuba being a hub for the Soviet Union to insert communist agents and sympathizers triggered the planning phase to invade Cuba. The US viewed the Cuban revolution as a threat to national security with communism so close to US Soil. Fear spread across the US through local

  • Mongolia

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    Mongolian air pollution In Mongolia’s capital, air pollution is 6-7 times higher than the most lenient World Health Organization standards. STORY HIGHLIGHTS * Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar is one the world’s most polluted cities – its “harmful dust” is 6-7 times higher than the most lenient World Health Organization standards. * Luckily, the issue is drawing more attention – International organizations including the World Bank are working with the Mongolian government to find solutions

  • The North Africa Conflict

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    consideration. The United States Air Force controls and operates numerous satellites for global positioning, missile warning, communication and meteorological purposes along with reconnaissance aircraft. Through a combination of satellite imagery and reconnaissance aircraft, identifying and collecting intelligence on guerilla military targets and movements would be the first objective in the conflict. Once targets are identified, bombing campaigns could commence from regional Air force bases in the Area

  • The Key Attributes Of The Allies ' Command And Control Function

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    the Axis’s “soft underbelly”. (site) Operationally, General Eisenhower and General Alexander failed to clarify the strategic ambiguity and provide clear operational intent during the planning of Husky. They did not ensure close proximity between subordinate commands to support planning, integration and coordination. These deficiencies led the senior subordinate commanders to develop their own diverging commander’s intent causing incomplete understanding which transformed Husky into a competition