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  • Application Testing For Applications For Cloud Applications Essay

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    Cloud computing is considered as a one of the most emerging technologies which also opens new door for software application testing. This document describes a descriptive literature review for application testing in cloud and methodologies collected from various sources. In this research paper, we have also addressed a testing environmental architecture and the valuable key benefits, to perform execution of test cases and used testing methodologies to enrich quality of cloud applications. We have

  • Cloud Computing And Its Application

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    Abstract: Cloud computing is an efficient and highly scalable technology that enables enterprise information, software applications and web applications to be stored and executed from a remote infrastructure. It is a highly cost-effective infrastructure that runs on highly optimized and fabricated hardware. Since its inception the demand is constantly growing in the software and tech industry which has led to a drastic increase in the energy consumption of data centers and other hosting sites.

  • Autonomic Cloud Application And Services

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    Autonomic Cloud Application and Services Abstract Clouds are large scale, complex systems. This makes the management of resources a challenging job. The heterogeneous distributed system requires intelligent strategies to provision resources. These strategies can be automated for efficient performance. Resources provided must be secure, cost-efficient and reliable. Therefore effective management of Clouds providing services in software platforms becomes fundamental. This paper identifies issues

  • Application Of Cloud Computing Technology

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    Application of Cloud Computing Technology in University Environments Rupen Shah-1283385 ISAM 5330 | University of Houston – Clear Lake | Dr. Gokhan Gercek July 2014 1. Introduction Universities which play the fundamental role in cultivating tomorrow’s society are nowadays facing difficulties in terms of providing the necessary resources which are essential in the educational needs .This brought the need of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing provides the necessary flexibility over the Internet

  • Application For The Cloud Service Provider

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    Applications in today’s world consume resources on a wide variety of scale, one application could be CPU based while another could be network based which mean each application would saturate a few resources and under-utilize a few. With cloud computing, Pay as you go enables you to pay only for the utilized. For example, an application consumes only 50% of the processing power; you need not pay for the entire set of machines and would only pay for the utilized rate and cloud providers offer competitive

  • Social Applications Of Cloud Computing Essay

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    SOCIAL APPLICATIONS OF CLOUD COMPUTING INTRODUCTION: A cloud is a type of parallel and distributed system consisting of a collection of inter-connected and virtualized computers that are dynamically provisioned and presented as one or more unified computing resource(s) based on service-level agreements established through negotiation between the service provider and consumers. The term ‘cloud’ first referred mainly to large ATM networks. Cloud computing began in earnest with the advent of Amazon’s

  • Architecture Of Internet Application For Cloud Computing

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    Figure: 1.1: Architecture of Internet application in cloud computing [4] As each server machine can host multiple application so it is important that application should be stateless for the reason that every application store their position information in backend storage servers, so that is repeated safely but it may cause storage servers becomes overloaded but the focus of proposed work is on application tire presenting a architecture is representative of a huge place

  • Cloud Computing For Smart Grid Applications

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    Extploiting Cloud Computing for Smart Grid Applications: A Review Aditya Bhardwaj ME (CSE) Student Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India Dr. Maitreyee Dutta Professor & Head Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India Amit Doegar Assistant Professor Computer Science Department NITTTR Chandigarh, India Abstract—To meet the Electric Power demands of a fast expanding economy, smart grid (SG) are expected

  • The Impact Of Flash And Cloud On The Enterprise Applications

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    describes impact of flash and cloud on the enterprise applications. The new technologies increase the flexibility. A Flash drive is a data storage device which uses the solid-state memory to store data insistently. It illustrates the common practices in the enterprise storage array design and trade-offs. It offers improvement in the enterprise storage systems with the random and sequence I/O. It increases the need for the performance to support the enterprise applications. The price of storage capacity

  • Sample Resume : Cloud Application Management Essay

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    The project aims to develop and sustain the necessary tooling that will assist Cloud application lifecycle management operations, using open standards and languages, where appropriate. As aforementioned, these operations are classified into three distinct categories: (1) application description, (2) application deployment and (3) application monitoring. Cloud application management framework (CAMF) will follow the Eclipse OSGi plug-in based software architecture for each of the aforementioned operations