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  • Rhetorical Analysis : The Audi Advertisement

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    marketing teams to make sure their cars look the best and attract consumers. Commercials that are shown on television today are great examples of rhetorical artifacts because of the many techniques being exercised by the rhetor. Analyzing this through the lens of rhetorical

  • Descriptive Essay About The Circus

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    The town of Smyrna was changed forever on the afternoon of May 18th. Barlow's Great North American Circus was coming to town, it was supposed to be the best show of all. Unlike any other circus this one included V tigers,lions,leopards, elephants,and many other exotic animals. Dan and Kit saw the circus poster in the store and were very excited because they had never seen circus

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    and tightened his fist. Unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable. His patience waned. Like standing barefoot in low tide, he could feel the sand being sucked between his toes, only it was every ounce of self-control he possessed. “Sir, this is the clown costume you asked for.” A petite girl with honey hair and catlike eyes stared at him, foot tapping. “This is not the costume I wanted.” His words were clipped. “Sir,” she pointed to the wall. “You said number one-sixty nine.” Evan looked up at the

  • Personal Narrative On Fire

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    area and it had one road leading up to it. This road was stuffed with clown cars. Judging by how many of the vehicles were simply cars hastily and gaudily painted with spray paint, I deduced that much of this army was recently infected clowns. It turns out they had rapidly, within a day, recruited the next city over in preparation for this siege. Our wonderment was interrupted by the ricochet of bullets as the gun toting clowns fired upon us. It would take a lot more than that to kill this bird though

  • Examples Of Fear Of Clowns

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    I have a major fear of clowns. It started with a terrible occurrence in my youth. Everytime I see one I have this horrible feeling that makes me sick. Of my experiences, I had one encounter that made my fear somewhat decrease. Most of my fear from them is what I didn't know or see. But I'm still not afraid of the circus. Clowns always frightened me as a child, but one Halloween made it even worse. I was on a haunted house tour with my family when I accidentally was diverted. Not knowing I was

  • The Role of the Fool in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Essay

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    whole pack of you” which is again amusing as the audience would know that Malvolio is even more egotistical since then. Feste is not only a jester, but also a corrupter of language. As Viola says, “this fellow is more than just a clown”, “he must know the humour of whom he jests”, Feste knows how to make fun of people based on their

  • Persuasive Effect Of Advertising In Advertising

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    released in 2017, where clowns drove around recklessly and created a dangerous environment for other drivers. In this commercial, different safety features of the Audi cars caused the vehicles to avoid crashes in spite of the dangerous driving around them. The content of this advertisement helps to determine the target audience: wealthy American drivers. The use of clowns within the commercial provided evidence that the ad primarily targeted American consumers, as clowns were depicted as both a symbol

  • Fear Of Clowns

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    the fear of clowns is a real phobia for both children and adults alike. The phobia could be explained by what Sigmund Freud explained in a 1919 publication “The Uncanny” In this work Sigmund Freud explains that we can be frightened by something that is familiar and yet unfamiliar at the same time. For children, most can recognize the clown as a real person but cannot recognize the exaggerate make up and clothing as being real this confusion leads to fear. For adults, the fear of clowns can be a

  • Creepy Clown Sighting Analysis

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    Overview Creepy Clown Sightings refer to reports of people dressed as clowns attempting to lure kids into the woods in various locations in the United States. After police began receiving the reports in North and South Carolina in late August 2016, many internet users speculated the sightings were a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming 2017 remake of the 1986 horror film It. Background In late August 2016, rumors began circulating that clowns were attempting to lure children in the woods behind

  • Research Paper On Espresso's Circus

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    and number symbols, but with a twist, as they have the circus lettering applied to them, along with fire engulfing them from the bottom. There are cannons that shoot out a mysterious man, an intimidating ringleader, a frightening puppet, a killer clown, and a contortionist, which make up the rest of the symbols within Pogo’s Circus. Potent and powerful, the dark symbols within Pogo’s Circus are likely to live long in the memory. Spinning the big circus