Coalinga State Hospital

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  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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    on time and with high quality. With these attributes, I am capable of producing remarkable results with any organization. As a Medical Contracts Analyst with Coalinga State Hospital, one of my main responsibilities included the direct management of 130 medical contacts. In this capacity, I was able to review and negotiate all hospital contracts, which included the

  • The Navy Is A First Time Experience

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    oining the Navy is a first time experience for many. Not coming from a military background made the transition even harder because my parents, and I, were not sure what I would be walking in to. The lack of information being given to new members of the military has to change. It is the job of the recruiter to provide them with the proper knowledge they need before even signing the military contract. Also, it is the responsibility of the recruit to ask as many questions as they can, and if needed

  • The War With Great Britain For Their Independence

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    clean. The cooper shall make buckets with covers and cradles if necessary for their use.” Little did they know that this would be the inception of the Hospital Corpsman. A military organization that would soon

  • The Career Of A Naval Nurse

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    and fellow nurses as colleagues and equals. Then develop the leadership skills that sets you apart from other Nurses. As a Naval Nurse you will be working 24/7 depending on where and what you are doing. For some individuals they work 12 hour in a hospital, as to when a Naval nurse would work between the hours of morning to night when they are overseas. Most Naval nurses are stationed on land just like a civilian nurse, but they always get a chance to go on a ship during training or when they are needed

  • Creative Writing: The Carcass Virus

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    quarantine tents, guard systems and vaccine stations. Over 30% of the town has become infected but they sent out a doctor that says 5 cases have been solved. The rest of the cases have been sedated and contained because they are in completely volatile state. Once we get them set up we are to be checked out by the CDC physician and evacuate the area” “Why are we evacuating? Shouldn’t we be part of the system they need to control the disease?” asked Sergeant Tim Bradely. “Orders are orders we clear out

  • Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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    and treating them with dignity and respect. A.B. was a 40 year old Afro-American male, transferred to my unit with a new diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, signs, symptoms, labs and assessments had been missed along the way. A.B. and Coalinga State Hospital (C.S.H.) had recently petitioned the court for an Emergency Compassionate Release, which had been denied. A.B. was angry and fearful of the unknown to say the very least. During my assessment and developing a plan of care for A.B., we began

  • Health Care Reform: The New Definition of Socialism Essay

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    not have health insurance, while another twenty-five million were underinsured”. (Health CS). The United States one of the most powerful countries in the world where a national health care system is nonexistent because there is no financial accountability. Politics, money and bureaucracy have left Americans with doubt, confusion and the worries on how to pay for health coverage. United States should have a national healthcare plan because it will cut down on cost be more efficient and make doctors