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  • Descriptive Essay About Being Beautiful

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    Later at night as I was brushing my teeth, I began to reflect on my experience being beautiful, thus far. Okay, truthfully, the pros totally outweighed the cons. I felt semi more confident in myself, the general public respected me more (sometimes), boys ogled at me (discreetly and not so discreetly), I received more compliments (mostly on my physical appearance), and I kind of held a certain sense of power. Why did gorgeous girls complain? They had it way easier. Alright, there were some minimal

  • Perspective Changes with Age

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    As a person ages, their perspective on life changes. A person eventually develops the ability to analyze, understand the importance of lack thereof of things, and not take offense at all the little things in life. Your perspective also changes through the dropping of preconceived ideas and by experiencing new situations. As you age, your ability to analyze a particular situation develops drastically. When you are young, you think that there is one plain cut, simple, black and white answer, but as

  • Insanity in a Sane World

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    Insanity in a Sane World Holden Caulfield is an insane person in a sane world. What is insanity? Insanity is when you’re in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior or social interaction. This state is mental illness. Insanity is when you do things in deranged or outrageous ways that could frighten people, or make people feel uncomfortable when around you. It’s when you do things out of the ordinary; yet feel as if they are ordinary. Insanity could come about when you’re depressed

  • The Home Beneath The House

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    The Home Beneath the House There’s just something about home that is so comforting and innocent. Maybe it’s the great oak tree in the backyard that you used to swing on when you were young. Or maybe it’s the kitchen where memories were made while making a homemade pizza with the whole family. Regardless, it doesn’t matter what it was it’s just something we all could call home. When I reflect on home, I see the giant pine trees lining up alongside the vacant gravel road. As I pull into my long gravel

  • Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun Essay

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    The play depicts the feelings and thoughts of the people of their time. Their feelings are different then what we see today in our lives. The family had to deal with poverty and racism. Not having enough money and always being put down because of the color of their skin held them back from having a lot of self-respect and dignity. I think that Mama was the one who had the most pride and held the family together. Ruth was being prevented from having a baby because of money problems, Walter was bringing

  • Descriptive Essay About My Grandmother

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    My grandmother was a tough lady. At just over five feet tall, she was the kind of woman that you saw on the street and knew to move out of her way. Her demeanor was strict, her hands tied with thick blue veins, criss­crossing over her thin, frail fingers. I remember holding her hands as a child, how delicate and soft they seemed and yet that never made them seem any less worn or sturdy. Her hands told stories of different times, of different worlds and hardships. She had grown up worlds away from

  • Strategies For Independence

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    5 Big Steps Parents Can Take To Help Their Kids Gain More Independence For Preschool From social skills to language skills and all kinds of problem-solving techniques, your little one is in for some big learning when they enter a preschool program, but they could face challenges if the haven't acquired enough independence. Although it's your paternal instinct to take care of and control everything in their developing lives, independence is what's going to help them succeed and excel, once they're

  • Love In Love And The Relationshipful Aspects Of Love

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    Throughout life, many individuals are blessed in certain aspects of their lives. These aspects could be in love, fortunes, or life itself. Although people may be grateful for what they have it is common that they will take these great aspects for granted. When people take these important and blessed aspects of their lives for granted it pisses me off. I have been fortunate enough to have a great life and I have been blessed in many ways. I am always sure to appreciate the people, materials, and life

  • Personal Narrative Essay : Getting Old

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    No one ever thinks about what they are going to do when they are old. Getting old is just a way of life that no one thinks about until it's too late. It all started when we went to Kentucky for our traditional dinner at grans. I adored the trip up to Gran's home, just for the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere and we got to pass three sparkling waterfalls. There was always a game of “first one to find a deer wins”, which was quite self explanatory if you ask me. I would always lose because

  • On The Rainy River Rhetorical Analysis

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    Rhetorical Analysis Paper The relationship you have with others often has a direct effect on the basis of your very own personal identity. In the essay "On The Rainy River," the author Tim O'Brien tells about his experiences and how his relationship with a single person had affected his life so dramatically. It is hard for anyone to rely fully on their own personal experiences when there are so many other people out there with different experiences of their own. Sometimes it takes the experiences