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  • Technology Personal Reflection Paper

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    My older brother, Jack, always excelled at any and all tasks that required a strong sense of reason. Despite his giftedness, Jack never worked well in any group, or even acclimated socially with many other kids. He wasn’t concerned with communicating his ideas to his peers, couldn’t make the effort to consider his words’ effects on other kids, and he was prone to angry outbursts when he didn’t get his way. While most other children grew out of these phases, Jack continues to exhibit these qualities

  • Serial Melodrama Analysis

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    cable, according to the Nielsen ratings during the 1984-1985 season it come in as the number one viewed show in American. So it was only natural that this incredibly popular show would continue to thrive and even spawn a spinoff series, known as The Colbys. We will be delving

  • Music And Literacy Education At Colby College Essay

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    Having the Merasi, master musicians of Rajasthan, perform live at Colby College provided students and faculty with a cultural experience unlike any that I have attended. The Merasi, from the Thar Desert in Pakistan, have found great success through their music despite their status in the caste system. As a family group, they have been able to gain the international attention that they needed to establish both music and literacy education for their people back home. Although very few people in our

  • Colby Warzecha. College English. 2017. The Rise And Fall

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    Colby Warzecha College English 2017 The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler WWII was undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest calamities with millions of lives lost. This war impacts the world even today. No person bears more responsibility than Adolf Hitler. It is important; however, to learn and understand his life so that the world does not repeat the same mistakes as seen in the 20th century. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. His father, Alois Hitler, worked as a mid-level

  • Kathleen Cole : A Short Story : Mcdonald's Story

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    1967 a lady was born and a life stared for Kathleen Cole. My Auntie had some hard stuff for her growing up.  Not only being the oldest of 3. She also had it rough at school. Cause she didn't get notice much at school. But she had focused more on math and Bowling during high school to. One thing she won’t forget is that she stop taking people's crap. Is when a 18 girl year old girl had pulled her hair when she was 17. Then turns around and started to swing her fist but stops in mid air and swore at

  • Shelby-Sawyer College: Case Study

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    I choose to come to Colby-Sawyer College because it was a liberal arts college. I was not sure what I wanted to major in, but I knew that if I went to a liberal arts college, I would be allowed to take a number of different classes and this would help me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Freshman year I took Future Trends which was a pathway class about predicting trends that are happening in society and in the world around us. This class directly connected with my marketing class because

  • Persuasive Speech On Tablets Vs Textbooks

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    In Colby High School, there have been recent studies whether the school should use tablets or textbooks. In one instance, the teacher is up in front of the class teaching. Half the students are absorbing the information and giving the teacher all of their attention. The other half just got a notifications on a game. What choice will the students choose? Listening to the teacher talk about plant cells or play minecraft. The urge to play a game is more likely of a high school student. A school is a

  • Argumentative Essay: Four Day School Week

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    If Colby High School students learned that their school was changing to a four day school week they would be thrilled. Once a student was so happy started to cry. Others immediately tweeted out ( CHS Now has 4-day School weeks #steppinupintheworld ) . Students were happy to join surrounding schools in the four day school week. Several schools in the area such as Colby Community College, Brewster, Burlington, and Wynonna have four day school weeks. Colby High School should begin a four day school

  • Life Reflection Paper

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    people this world could offer. We consist of three males, one female and range from fresh out of high school to our late thirties. Our names from youngest to oldest are Colby, Devin, Katee, and Rodrick. We all come from unique and diverse backgrounds. These are the stories of our lives. Katee’s first time to register for college was January 3, 2017. She was nervous and excited to embark on this new life journey. When school started, a few days later, she arrived at school extra early to walk

  • Personal Narrative: Winchester

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    I have lived in Winchester, Massachusetts nearly all of my life. Winchester is recognized as a predominantly white-affluent-suburban town fifteen minutes outside of Boston. Growing up as an African American in Winchester was an experience. It was not unusual for me to be the only student of color in class or a sports team; which bothered me at times, but I learned to accept the issue and figure out a way to fit in. I began to mimic my peers’ behavior; I walked like them, sought out similar clothing