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  • The Cold War And The Cold War

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    differences are what ultimately led to the Cold War which began in 1945. Germany became a hotspot during the Cold War where the United States and the Soviet Union struggled to decipher which political and economical system would work the best with the new international order. With the numerous events that occured in Germany between the end of World War II and the establishment of the Berlin Wall, they all helped illustrate Europe’s new international order during the Cold War. Expansion was a major theme

  • The Cold War : The Cold War

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    THE COLD WAR The cold war was from 1947- 1991. During that time, the world was on the brink of a nuclear war, where the whole human population was in mere seconds of extinction. The cold war was called the cold war because it was an indirect war, not physical(hot) but non physica(cold). It was a war of two types of governments. Socialism and Capitalism. It was a dreaded time for both countries, and their people. There is evidence that the USSR started it, but there are many advocates for that

  • Cold Reading: What Is Cold Reading?

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    What Is Cold Reading? Cold reading is a powerful technique that one can use to guess personal details and information about a subject without ever being told that information directly. A cold reader will pay careful attention to clues that they pick up while talking to the subject and peace them together in order to reach conclusions that have a high likelihood of being correct. Knowing that the new information was never given to the cold reader, the subject will be more likely to believe that the

  • The Cold War: The Legacy Of The Cold War

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    The legacy of the Cold War continues to influence world affairs today. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the post-Cold War world is widely considered unipolar, with the United States as the sole remaining superpower. The Cold War defined the political role of the United States in the post–World War II world: by 1989 the U.S. held military alliances with 50 countries, and had 1.5 million troops posted abroad in 117 countries. The Cold War also institutionalized a global commitment to huge

  • The Causes Of The Cold War In A Cold War

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    were in a cold war. A cold war is defined a state on political hostility that never progresses past threats, propaganda, or any other acts of antagonism short of open violence. The change in American foreign policy was the main catalyst in starting the Cold War, however with conflicting ideology and the control of Eastern Europe post WWII being the precursors they played a large role in creating tension and mistrust between the soviets and the americans. From the very start, the cold war was bound

  • The Cold War: The Causes Of The Cold War

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    cause their harmony relationship turned into The Cold War. The Cold War was a term that used to describe the relationship between USA and USSR after World War Two in 1945 until 1980. Their relationship called The Cold War because none of them had ever fought the other side by using hard power such as weapons and army. The war between USA and USSR was in their ideology. They competed to spread their ideology to other countries in the world. This cold war started because of the power of these countries

  • The Cold War : The Causes Of The Cold War

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    be changed when siblings forgive and forget. In Europe and across the world, the tensions from the Cold War affected the borders of various countries, but the two opposing sides were not quick to agree and “forgive” each other, like siblings do. Overall, the Cold War affected the borders of Europe and other countries across the world by splitting various countries and dividing continents. The Cold War affected the borders of Europe with the Iron Curtain and the splitting of Germany. The Iron Curtain

  • The Cold War And Its Effects Of The Cold War

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    and Western Bloc (The United States and its NATO allies). The military and political term used as the “cold war”, because there was no any direct large scale war started between the Eastern and Western Blocs. But there were some major regional wars, which are known as the Proxy wars in Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan. In these Proxy wars both sides supported their allies’ against each other. This cold war split the war time temporary against the Nazi Germany and divided into two supreme powers on the

  • The Cold War: The Ideas Of The Cold War

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    The cold war During WWII the Soviet Union and the United States were allies but after the war the communist Soviets and the democratic Americans became enemies. Each side attempted to be the world’s top super power. The two nations sought dominating space, in military power and in the allied countries they could lead. Their conflict is known as the cold war 1945-1941. After WWII, Europe was left in ruins, Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin both shared the same goal to rebuild Europe, but they different

  • The Cold War At The End Of The Cold War

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    known as the “Cold War” included many different conflicts and problems. This war was between two major countries, which were the U.S.A and the USSR. It was between the communist’s known as the Soviet Union, and the capitalists known as the United States of America. It was mostly fought through other countries, this is known as proxy wars. Conflicts such as the Cuban Missile crisis, Bay of Pigs, The Korean War, and the Vietnam War are some examples of major events that were apart of the Cold War. During