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  • What Is A Memorable Moment Essay

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    Memorable Moment “ Let us go, please.” I yelled. “Ok where do you want to go?” Mom asked. “To the Lake, so pack.” I said My mom, my sister Hailey ,and packed. I packed the cooler for the drinks and food. While I opened the freezer, I saw all of the frost on the ice container and I saw fog come out of the freezer. As my face got cooled I tried to get the ice container I put both arms in the freezer and reached and reached. As I kept on reaching I felt all of the cold air go on my arms all the way

  • The Worst Moment Of My Life

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    The Scariest Moment of My Life I have this fear. It causes my legs to shake. I start to feel dizzy. And I blab to anyone who is nearby. As thoughts of certain death run through my mind, the world appears a precious, treasured place. I imagine my own funeral, then shrink back at the implications of where my thoughts are taking me. I am terrified of deep waters. Of course, it’s not really a fear of the water itself. Rather, it is the feeling I get in the water, the floor of the ocean or

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Trip To Hawaii

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    My trip to Hawaii It was two o’clock. We were hungry and tired, so we decided it was time to leave. After my grandma and I were in the car for a moment, I got this strong, fiery, burning sensation in my hands. As I put my hands close to the air vent, to try to stop the sizzling feeling on my hands, my hands started to feel normal again, but as I took them away, they felt as dehydrated, and scorching as a desert. In this moment, I realized that I had made a bad decision. It all started when I

  • Descriptive Essay About A Day On Labour Day

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    Have you ever had everything before you play out in slow motion, where you are aware of everything around you, yet don’t knowing what is going on? I have. In the movies, when someone is drowning, it’s loud and splashy, someone yelling for help and waving their arms, they are dipping below the harsh currents of the waves and coming back up in a dramatic fashion while those who are standing by scramble to rescue them. Yeah, it doesn't really go down like that. Drowning is silent, movements are subtle;

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    I woke up and did what I do every morning at the lake- look out the window to see how windy it is out. This morning there was no wind so I jumped out of bed and went outside. I ran to the dock and looked out at the water. The sun was shining down already producing heat. The water was still, there was no noise and most people were still sleeping. My brother came and joined my on the dock admiring the water as well. “You ready to go?” Tanner asked. “Definitely,” I replied. We went back in the house

  • Personal Narrative-Tubing

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    Tubing “Good afternoon Camp Newaygo” Kori yelled so the whole room of girls could hear. “Good afternoon Kori” we all replied, “We have some announcements today. Tubing! From Cabin 2 we have Jos, sarah, and Emily going at 1:15. From Cabin 7 we have Pier, Georgia, Kira, and Evelyn at 1:40, and lastly we have Piper, Erica, and Julia from cabin 3. Time to Clean!”, “We were starved as starved could be and now we’ve had enough you see, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, away away we go away we go till next meal” everyone

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Song Of My Life

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    Feet dragging through a magically soft and grainy mixture, ankles experiencing the rush of a gentle ebb and flow, fingers weaving through the delicate yet power-bearing wind, it was a beautiful sensation that fit the cleanliness of the crisp air. A gentle swish of the wind whispers across my skin, contrasting harshly with the grating sound of barking in the distance that ground beneath the edges of my jaw. Large, white, noisy birds made sounds that rather resembled cackling. Children’s laughter flooded

  • Analysis Of Tim O ' Brien 's The Things They Carried All Experience

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    Kelsie Gorman Mr. Kavo Confrontation In America, 1 30 October, 2017 The Same Deep Water As You: Tim O 'Brien 's Methods To Overcome Loss Throughout the 1980s, Dr. Terence M. Keane ran experiments on a new idea called exposure therapy. The case studied how victims of trauma would react to being repeatedly shown places, imagines, and stories that mirrored theirs. In the study was twenty four veterans of the Vietnam War, and at the end of the study, they no longer had reactions classified as severe

  • Zombie Apocalypse History

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    6 Of The Most Original Zombie Movies Ever Made Even the most passionate zombie movie fan will have to admit that the genre gets played out from time to time. Sure, we all love a good walking dead/end of the world film. Yet, it’s been a long time since George A. Romero and Night of the Living Dead scared up audiences in 1968. Since then, a slew of films have been produced and they’ve varied wildly in terms of quality. Some being quality, but most not so much. Yet, it’s not always the quality of

  • Is Patriotism A Virtue By Alasdair Macintyre

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    Alasdair Macintyre presents a very interesting argument in his text “Is Patriotism a Virtue,” the following essay will critically analyse his points in defence of an Aristotelian understanding of the virtue of patriotism. Macintyre defines patriotism “in terms of a kind of loyalty to a particular nation which only those possessing that particular nationality can exhibit.” (Pg. 287, Is Patriotism a Virtue.) As discussed by Aristotelian morality, patriotism is not a mindless loyalty to the nation