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  • Picasso And Braque : The Art Of Collage Art

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    In its simplest terms collage is when a piece of artwork is made from an assemblage of various forms, creating a new entity. A collage tends to include, newspaper and magazine clippings, paint, bits of paper, ribbons, and sometimes pieces of other artworks glued to a piece of paper or a canvas. Throughout history, there have been examples of artists using techniques found in the art of collage, but the pieces of art produced wouldn’t be considered a collage artwork. For example, in tenth-century

  • The Story Of A Collages

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    When people ask, we will tell them that it happened when we were cutting a box open to make a collage. Collages hung all over our bedroom walls, glossy pictures of who we wanted to be, all the adjectives we thought we were: strong, independent, intelligent. The romantic images of feather-like models clinging to strong bodies of tanned, glowing-eyed men were always the center. They were pasted to cardboard like skin. ______________________________________________________________________ It is always

  • Analysis of the Painting Great Detonators by Acamonchi

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    Detonadores”) by the Mexican artist Acamonchi. The painting is located in the exhibition The Very large Array: San Diego/ Tijuana Artist in the Peter C. Farrell Gallery inside the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCA). Acamonchi’s piece is a collage painting integrated by posters, stencils, and graffiti, which illustrate an obvious inspiration by the street art style. It is composed of cold colors such as blue, green, and aqua. Its multiple media consist of spray, paper, tape, acrylic, and oil

  • Picasso 's Influence On A Rookie Baseball Player

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    that many high income people love to invest in. Pablo Picasso’s art is some of the most if not the most prominent, pieces of artwork in the world. Picasso was a trendsetter of sorts, helping start many movements including introducing the idea of a collage in his later paintings. Picasso had a habit of drawing his lovers in his paintings. For some of his mistresses, he created lots of art with them as the main subjects of the paintings, as those were the stronger influences. Many of his paintings were

  • Essay The Life and Artistic Impact of Pablo Picasso

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    Pablo Picasso was born in the early 1880s into a family with artistic roots. From this, he was able to draw much inspiration and opportunities to study in a well reputed art schools, which were located in Barcelona and Madrid. At the beginning, he did not have a definite direction in relation to his style; hence, experimented on a lot of techniques and forms. He joined a number of other young artists, authors and architects that took the direction of contemporary art in their work. The formative

  • The Era Of World War I Essay

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    When Cubism reached its glorious grasp around 1907–1914, the World was in a wild place. With the Ottoman Empire losing power; European influences were becoming avaricious for more, eventually leading to the start of World War I. On the other side of the world we had America rising as a global supremacy, creating its way to a worldly control. Because of these chaotic matters, society was shifting towards a new direction. The Art World with its artists and writers also responded to this conversion

  • Modernized Art Forms and Styles Essay examples

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    The beginning of the 20th-century ushered in a new era of Technology: Automobiles, Trains, Airplanes and the Telegraph, changed the way we perceived and interpreted the world. This new modern era, as it would later be called, had a profound impact on the Arts and Architecture. Gone was the old romanticism and symbolism that had dominated the 19th-entury earlier. Instead, Artists around the world started to incorporate the emerging geometrics of technology into their art. Cubism, Futurism, Fauvism

  • Song Analysis: We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel Essay

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    history behind it and decided to reflect upon it in a visual picture collage, combining a majority of the elements he mentions with pictures--all circled around a fire in the middle. I decided to also make red-dyed cupcakes reflecting the fire Joel speaks of and ice them with a flame, yet placing an X over it,

  • Romare Bearden’s Collection Essay

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    Instead, he made many collages depicting life with different perspectives, allowing the viewer to see reality, but also try to figure out the true meaning that Bearden meant to portray in the collage that was not directly seen by just looking at the picture. These collages were made by “Cut and pasted printed, colored and metallic papers, photostats, pencil, ink marker, gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on Masonite” (MET Museum). Bearden liked telling narratives within these collages involving Harlem

  • Analysis Of Pushing Thirty By Jody Paulsen

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    According to Elle magazine (February 22, 2017), Jody Paulsen describes his artwork as a “millennial approach to becoming an adult”, hence the name of his outstanding exhibition, “Pushing Thirty”. His unique artwork of text, colour, pattern, imagery and texture, embodies a perfect balance between optimism versus reality. One can view his incredible work at the SMAC gallery in the heart of Cape Town’s artistic Woodstock area. The artist and fashion designer, Jody Paulsen, perfectly controls how he