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  • Medial Collateral Knee Ligament And Phase II Rehab

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    Medial Collateral Knee Ligament Sprain With Phase II Rehab The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is a tough band of tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone. Your MCL is located on the outside of your knee. It prevents your knee from moving too far inward and helps keep your knee stable. A MCL sprain is an injury caused by stretching the MCL too far. The injury can involve a tear in the MCL. CAUSES This condition may be caused by: A blow to the inside of your knee (common). Your

  • Collateral Damage

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    term “Collateral Damage” is a term widely used since the Vietnam War, but its principles have spanned history. This concept, from King Herod’s decree that all young boys be killed in his attempt to kill baby Jesus, to more recent examples such as the airstrikes on ISIS, is widely accepted. Most people justify the practice through the concept that the “ends justify the means” and I agree. However, I cannot ignore the dehumanization that occurs when referring to innocent humans as collateral damage

  • Collateral Trauma

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    The ulnar or medial collateral ligament is one of two ligaments that is a part of the elbow joint, running along the medial side of the arm and acts as the connection between the distal portion of the humerus to the proximal portion of the ulna. The ulnar collateral ligament is largely responsible for the stability and use of the elbow as well as assisting in the flexing and extending of the arm. The ulnar collateral ligament can become overly damaged in a few different ways, such as a broken arm

  • Collateral Attacks

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    Once all avenues of cross-examination on the contents and quality of an opinion have been exhausted, it may still be desirable to launch a collateral attack on the witness. To ask very few questions, even where there is little to cross-examine on, may be perceived by the trier-offact as acquiescence to the testimony of the expert. Collateral attacks can include inquiring about: a) Any interest the expert has in the outcome of the case. b) The compensation that the expert has received from the opposing

  • Collateral Beauty

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    venture he has bestowed to his company and self. Isolated from the realms of society Howard seeks answers from abstract(s) letters to Love, Time and Death. But it’s not until his notes bring unexpected personal responses, which begins to reveal the Collateral Beauty connect. The film served as the most beautiful reinforcement to life’s entailments. Frankel used actors that had starred in New York setting previously, and all of them out shone in their respective roles: Will smith as Howard, CEO of investing

  • Collateral Consequences

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    Collateral Consequences of Current System Juveniles who have been placed into the adult prison system face significant roadblocks to future individual growth because their records are not sealed like those of minors tried in the juvenile justice system. Many employers and supervisors are unwilling to hire someone with an adult criminal record or pay such individuals similar wages to those without any interaction with the justice system. Juveniles placed in adult prisons in Texas face hurdles in

  • Collateral Interview

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    A collateral interview was conducted with M.S. 54 Booker T. Washington Middle School. It is reported by Mr. Gongaley, Ms. Kirk, Mr. DeLuca and Mr. Behar, that Rafi has been doing very poorly academically the entire year. The child rarely submits homework, does not complete assignments and needs constant refocusing. Although he was with offered the opportunity to go to an afterschool homework program, he does not go often. It is reported that the child needs someone with him in order to reach specific

  • Collateral Ligaments Of The Knee

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    There are 2 collateral ligaments of the knee; lateral collateral (LCL) and medial collateral (MCL). The LCL attaches from the lateral femoral epicondyle to the lateral part of the fibular head, and is the stronger of the 2 ligaments. It is a thin, round ligament and is extracapsular. The MCL attaches from the medial femoral epicondyle to the medial condyle and superiomedial part of the tibia. It also attaches to the medial meniscus and is a wide, fat ligament (Moore et al. 2010, p. 636). They are

  • Risk Of Collateral Circulation

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    internal carotid arteries and the left and right vertebral arteries. When there is an area of blockage or plaque formation in these vessels then a problem may occur. Carotid artery disease is common and increases the risk of having a stroke. The collateral circulation is an important aspect affecting the risk of stroke. The cerebral circulation will attempt to maintain constant cerebral perfusion even if there are changes within the system. If one major cerebral artery is occluded,

  • The Story Of Collateral Beauty

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    Collateral beauty is start with the talking of Howard. He said that how the purpose of life is about connection. He said that “We are here to connect .Life is about people.” This story tells us about Howard that how he disconnects with people and get it again. He lost his 6 years old daughter, she love to set up the dominoes and fall them. In this pain he disconnects to everyone and divorced his wife.Horward sent a letter to his wife, Madeline and tell that it is better that they became strangers