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  • Mark Richt Should Have Been Ejected During The Orange Bowl : Here Is Why?

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    Mark Richt Should Have Been Ejected during the Orange Bowl: Here is Why *The follwing rule taken from: Article 4. Persons subject to the rules shall not intentionally contact a game official forcibly during the game. PENALTY- Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • The Dust Bowl Dance of a New Generation

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    Graduating college is no longer an accomplishment powered through ambition; it is a chore. It’s almost socially unacceptable to not go to college now that more than forty percent of adults in America have a college degree according to the Washington Post. This pressure exerted on students leads to many people having degrees that never needed them, but now those people have debts to pay. The really nasty thing is, only certain majors make the money needed to pay off such debts. This Dust Bowl for graduates

  • Super Bowl System Analysis

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    announced that college football would be getting rid of the previous postseason championship system, the BCS bowl system, and have a four-team playoff to figure out who will be the next national champion. The BCS bowl system was a selection system that had the two highest ranking teams, based off of rankings from the Associated Press (AP), face off for the national championship. The new system involves a group of twelve people that decide who the top four teams in Division I college football are, rather

  • Expansion Of The College Football

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    Expand the College Football Playoff Many men go to work every single day, making big money for other people, and are the best at what they do in the country, yet they still do not get a chance to get a raise or promotion. The College Football Playoffs (CFP) decides the best college football team in the nation and declares an outright National Champion. The #4 Ohio State Buckeyes were crowned National Champions of the first ever College Football Playoffs and almost did not even get into the playoff

  • College Football: The Four Team Playoff System

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    On June 26, 2012, the college football world was shocked to hear the news of a new four team playoff system coming to college football in the 2014-15 season. It wasn’t like it came out of nowhere, though. There had been mumblings of a playoff for a few years, but nothing had ever happened to put it in place. The BCS System was going to be taken out of the game of football. This caused outrage in the world of college football. Many people believed this was a bad move, but in reality, it was the

  • Sample Resume : Derick Spellers

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    large public universities NCAA Division 3 are usually small private colleges Division I member schools are required to sponsor a minimum of seven sports for women and seven for men or eight for women and six for men. This must include two sports for both men and women. Every separate college season has to be represented by each gender also. There are also scheduling, participant and contest minimums for each sport. Football Bowl Subdivision teams must meet a minimum attendance requirement of an

  • Should The BCS Replace The Salary System

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    Have you ever thought why college football doesn't have a playoff while watching your favorite team play? Well I'm here to say why the BCS should be replaced by a playoff system or something similar to it . If you are wondering what the BCS is, it pins the top 2 ranking teams against each other while the other top 8 teams have 4 bowl games. The top 2 teams are chose from biased polls from the coaches, people, and a computer. The playoffs are unbiased and depend on skill, because it only goes by the

  • The BCS National Championship Game Essay

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    two national champions, Rutgers and Princeton, to last year’s debateable Auburn national championship winning team, college football has always had difficulties deciding national champions. The BCS National Championship game was thought to give a less prejudice opinion on which teams play in the championship game than humans did. However, it has stimulated more controversy in college sports than Cal-Stanford “The Play.” The problem with the BCS teams is, it chooses two teams that are based on profit

  • Inside The War Room Analysis

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    NSIDE THE WAR ROOM: COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF EDITION In this week’s Inside the War Room, we take a look at the two college football playoff games, discuss if Robert Nkemdiche is worth the risk of a first round draft pick, talk about whose draft stock is going up and down, and let you know who the top senior offensive guards are in the 2016 NFL Draft. Orange Bowl Preview The Capital One Orange Bowl showcases two of the top offenses in college football between Oklahoma, and Clemson. This game also

  • Winning A One Loss Florida Gators Team Won The Southeastern Conference Title Game

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    reason that the BCS takes in consideration the Strength of schedule and quality wins. In 2002 Miami was left out of the title game even though they beat Florida State head to head and yet Florida State made it. Florida State lost and Miami won its bowl game to take in consideration quality wins. One may say that a problem with the playoff is that a number one ranked team can have a bad day and get knocked out of the playoffs which would seem unfair. The BCS rankings are