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  • Should College Should Be Free For College

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    if, college should be free to continue their education. In most cases people believe students should not pay for college. Many students could benefit if college was free. A group of researchers studied that the out come free college could result to, lower income students will have a chance for a degree, Student debt will no longer ruien students, and more people will attend college. First, this is a major benefit for lower income students is that now they have an opportunity to attend college without

  • Should College Be For College?

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    Even with the negative connotations getting a degree is worth it In today 's generation a college education seems more like a choice than a requirement. From the time we enter elementary school we are being prepared for college. In this society Education happens to raise a lot of questions, for instances; “are people going to college to gain knowledge or for a good paying job?”, “with today 's technology is a degree essential to ones life?” and “ is school meant for everyone?” Education has a lot

  • Should College Should Be Not Free For College Students

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    there has been the question whether college should be completely free for all college students. Just this year the excelsior scholarship was introduced in which eligible college students can attend a SUNY or CUNY college tuition free (Higher Education Services Corporation). The other ways to get partially or completely free college tuition is through the programs of financial aid, opportunity programs and scholarships. All of these programs help make college cheaper in order to make it easier for

  • Should College Be Free College?

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    candidates because of his belief that tuition and cost of living at public colleges and universities should be free. Free college has become one of the most talked about policy proposals on the campaign trail, but questions surround the policy, such as how it would work, how much it would cost and how it would affect students (Rhatican). Most colleges bundle their prices in terms of tuition and fees. In 1995, tuition for private colleges was around 14k, for Public out of state it was around 7k and for public

  • Should College Be Free College?

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    secret fund for things like this, or would taxes increase to cover the costs? Free college is now brought up as a debate whether or not students should receive free college tuition while attending college. Some individuals would like this idea, but I am definite the taxpayers would not like it or support it. If the government cannot afford what they are in debt with now, I am quiet uncertain how adding free college would help the debt go down. I am sure that the government would find some way to get

  • Should College Be Free College?

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    Free College Why are not more people going to college? One obvious answer would be cost, especially the cost of tuition. But the problem is not just that college is expensive. It is also that going to college is complicated. Free college is not just about cultural and social, neither economic. It means navigating advanced courses, standardized tests, and forms. It means figuring out implicit rules-rules that can change. College graduates have higher employment rates, bigger salaries, and more work

  • College Essay : Should Community College Should Be Free?

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    community college should be free or not has been going on for many years. For the most part, many students have been able to have free education even if the are low income or high income. Most students are able to have equal educational opportunity to be able to learn for around 12 years. If it has been going on for 12 years, then why not make higher education free as well. In the article written by Joanne Jacobs titled, “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea” discusses

  • College Should Be Free

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    Should the cost of earning a college degree be free? Some students,parents, and educators say that it is morally wrong for a child to spend their entire life going to public school for free and having them to just turn around and pay for college. The students, parents, and educators all would agree that the cost of obtaining a college degree should indeed be free. Those who are against this issue believe that the students themselves or their parents who are financially able should pay for some or

  • Should College Be Free?

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    Should College Be “Free” in America? As many young millennials rally behind Bernie Sanders and his outlandish claims of free public college for all, others sigh and shake their heads in disapproval. Are these college students really entitled to free higher education? Is it every American’s unalienable right to have a college education? Despite the recent push for free college in the United States, the economic burden and drop in personal responsibility it would create proves that colleges should

  • College Should Be Paid

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    The prices the days College students are paying for higher education is atrocious. It is true that universities paint a beautiful picture in on pamphlets because at the end of the college is a business Instead of putting majority of donations to sports universities should them in financial aid to students and towards research. When deciding on a college, families should create a plan and see if it loan is manageable before taking it. Having debt can be a burden, but this will makes students more