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  • Why Esports Become A College Sport

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    Esports are College Sport Material. If those reading don't know what Esports are than they are video games that can be played with multiple people and require skill and effort to win against another team of talented players. Some people believe esports are not actually sports due to the fact they have no physical attributes, like many other sports out there. The thing is that these games do require effort and skills, It's just not the same ones for regular sports. There are even some Esports

  • College Sports Gambling

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    With all of the controversy of gambling in college sports, why is the issue still an issue? The answer is money. There were actions taken towards this by Congress, but the problem is that it was never completely abolished. Congress had made the mistake of creating a way around it. It is now commonly referred to as "the Las Vegas loophole." They outlawed the betting nationwide with the exception of one state, one state that is the capital of gambling, Nevada. This has caused few changes

  • The Importance Of Sports In College Sports

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    through the tunnel. Today this student is going to do what he dreamed of doing as a child; play his sport on live television. As a child he didn’t know the amount of hours he’d be dedicating to the universities’ team. He didn’t know how much the university would benefit off of him. Now this student feels taken advantage of, and feels like he should get some sort of compensation. College sports became a business in every way. From ticket sales to the viewers at home who are supplied a broadcast

  • Women In College Sports

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    The articles, “Title IX Under Fire As Colleges Cut Teams” by Jean Marbella and Carrie Wells and “40 Years Later, Title IX Is Still Fighting Perception It Hurts Men’s Sports” by Gloria Goodale, share different viewpoints on Title IX. Marbella and Wells share details and statistics showing that men’s teams are sometimes cut in order to meet Title IX’s requirements. However, Goodale counters that the reasons for the teams being cut was not Title IX, but the budgets of the university. She explains that

  • The Importance Of College Sports

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    College sports continue to be one of the largest businesses in America, with millions of viewers, jobs, and players. For the countless numbers of amateur athletes, college sporting events represent high quality competition, education about the sport, and shear excitement of cheering on the favorite team. Although sporting equality differs in the minds of people, I encourage athletes to focus on the academic side of school. Within all the publicity these highly recruited players receive, the rules

  • Essay On College Sports

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    When it comes to the topic of college athletics, most of us will readily agree that college sports are a great opportunity to go to college for someone who otherwise would not be able to attend. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether colleges need to focus more on learning over athletics. Whereas some are convinced that sports can lower academic standards for admission just to play a sport, others maintain that college sports bring in lots of extra revenue and help

  • Should College Sports Be Paid?

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    known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) (Gregory). College sports have become more popular than ever before, especially with the help of television and modern technology. Making over $700 million a year, this industry has been introduced numerous times over the years to the debate of prohibiting payments to athletes other than athletic scholarships (Goldman). Currently, in order to meet the demand of sports, especially at a Division I University, high school athletes are recruited

  • Should College Sports Be Paid?

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    Division I college athletics have come a very long way since its original erection in the late 1800s as only something that occurred at the Ivy Leagues. Today, there is now a side which advocates for paid compensations for college athletes (this is mostly focused in football and basketball). According to the NCAA 's current policy on intercollegiate compensation the athlete first must be considered an amateur. This rule that is in place is extremely redundant because in order for a student to

  • College Sports Benefits

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    criticize collegiate sports claiming that they take large amounts of money and economic resources to keep them running. However, after reading the data of the study conducted in the article, for the most part college athletics is an effective way to increase team identification. One of the main goals of university officials is to foster a communal environment. By allowing college sports there is a sense of community on campuses and can enhance involvement on campus. For colleges, their main goal is

  • The Value Of College Sports

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    amateur athletes, college sporting events represent high quality competition, education about the sport, and shear excitement from cheering on your favorite team. Although TV networks pay dearly to film the games and observes invest extreme prices to watch, college sporting events do not make hefty profits. According to this document, “the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, which has proposed a reform agenda for college sports, about 70 percent of major college programs now lose