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  • Should College Students Be A College?

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    to go to college? As a current college student, my concern is about how difficult it is to attend college. Students depend on many variables since most of them are dependent on their parents or on a job. There are many issues that college students have to face in order to attain a college degree. In my opinion, there are three issues that are significantly critical to students face when they are planning to attend college; Influence of Others, Location, Transportation, and the Students’ Income.

  • College Partying And College Students

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    ever wondered why college students party? In the past, I’ve heard people’s reasoning to go to college. Some of those reasons aren’t for bettering themselves. Some people want to go to college specifically for the college partying experience. What makes a high school student want to experience a college party? There’s thrills, sex, socialization, and a nothing can touch me mind set. I started thinking sociologically when I realized a lot of college students are effected by college parties due to alcohol

  • College Pressure On College Students

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    Understanding College Pressure In the United States today, Colleges are made up of individuals, both the young and the old from different works of life, who come from different backgrounds. They have different religious belief, morals, and attitudes; this make them see problems differently. They come together with a single purpose which is to learn. Some people think College is all about a society of students having fun, or living a carefree life, but majority of the students face so much pressure

  • Stress For College Students

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    Introduction “I will be so glad when this semester is over because school is stressing me to the max.” This is a quote that quite a few college students are familiar with and have probably said themselves. College can be a fun but also stressful time for students. They are focused on making sure they attend class and get passing grades so they can be successful and hopefully succeed in the next chapter of their life. Researchers at Columbia University and the University of San Diego conducted a

  • Being A College Student

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    Being a college student comes with some challenges and some of the challenges are trying to keep up with all the assignments, trying to live away from home and the biggest challenge is being financially prepared for college. Being a freshman in college requires a lot of money and when it comes to paying for tuition, textbooks and other college expense, most students are not prepared on how the money should be spent properly. There are college students who live away from home and that increases the

  • Overvolved College Students

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    Life of an over-involved college student “30 percent of freshmen entering college last autumn reported feeling stressed” (Higher Education Research Institute at the UCLA.) A pre-med college student who is over-involved in the college life may deal with a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges an over-involved college student may experience the feeling of being greatly overwhelmed, not having enough time for school work, friends or college clubs. This type of student may not have a good balance

  • Homeless College Students

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    Do you know the reason why so many college students in the United States are currently homeless? As of the moment there are thousands of college students roaming around the streets, due to not having the necessary resources they need. Now days, it is common for a college student to be left homeless, be evicted, thrown out their homes, or found living in a abandoned buildings which isn't suitable as a living environment. These students don’t have the available funds to be able to pay for somewhere

  • Success In College Students

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    The greatest thing that college students can learn is the idea of success and what that can mean for a person. In Bernard Roth’s novel “The Achievement Habit, stop wishing, start doing and take control of your life” explains how such a word can be described in many different ways for one person. Success can be defined by time management, having a positive mindset, and having a purpose. Many times, through Roth’s book he explains the many different decisions and ways you should start to change in

  • The Success Of A College Student

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    on getting a college degree in order to be successful. Although college may not be for everyone, there are those who would really like to gain acceptance to an institution, but cannot because they do not have the money to do so. The rise in cost to be a college student has become too expensive for a country that encourages, and emphasizes higher education. Tuition and fees, loans, and extra expenses become a big price to pay for wanting to play the proper role in society as a student looking for

  • Motivation For The College Student

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    lining: her two, handsome princes. They were really her saviors and grounding force. The two princes became her motivation to start over, create a new life, and start rediscovering herself. For the college student, motivation is a personal aspiration with much hard work. The college writing student will focus on increasing writing abilities and becoming a better writer by class end. With a deep-rooted motivation, the learning to write process will continue to be built and perfected over the course