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  • The Culture Of The Colombian Culture

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    Colombian culture is a culture rich in traditions and beliefs that are a combination of the indigenous Indians native to Colombia, the Spanish who colonized Colombia in the 1400’s, as well as the influence of the land itself. It is a country rich in biodiversity with around 1,550 species of birds and more than 13,000 species of plants within a mostly temperate landscape covering around 440,000 square miles. Currently it boasts a population of about 42.3 million people( of many mixed

  • The Colombian Culture

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    The Colombian culture is formed from the inheritance of the indigenous peoples present in the territory since ancient times, the Spanish traditions adopted during the colonial period and the African Customs incorporated by the slaves that led the conquistadors. This mixture of cultures constitutes a society with traits common to the rest of Latin American countries but, at the same time, very different also. Indeed, even within Colombia's own territory there are many differences between regions

  • Consumer Behavior Process for Men

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    Consumer Behavior Process for Purchasing Men’s Business Attire in First and Second Generation of Colombian-Americans Abstract The focus of this research is on comparing how Colombian-Americans from the first and second generations make their decisions in purchasing men’s business attire. Variables such as motivation, lifestyle, occupation, education, family, friends, belonging groups and culture are analyzed to understand both groups’ behavior. Among the main differences found between both groups

  • Colombian Culture VS American culture

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    Culture can be seen from the interaction of many things such as history, activities and developments. It is also represented in the form of people live. Living in two different countries is a unique experience that gives you a new way of thinking. In my case I have lived in Colombia and now in the United States. Despite bearing some minor similarities, the differences between this to countries are notable in geography, festivities, economic and food. Colombia is located in South America, is divided

  • Cross Cultural Management

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    to advise the UK manager about the Colombian culture, taking into consideration the differences between leadership styles, decision making, recruitment and selection, motivation, planning and team versus individual working.The reason for selecting Colombia was that according to the results by Geert Hofstede, these two countries are very opposite to one another. Therefore it will be good to compare the differences and the similarities between the countries’ culture. According to Adler (1983) Cross

  • The Elusive Promise Of Indigenous Development : Rights, Culture, Strategy

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    How are social movements informed by culture? What roles can culture play in advancing social movements? These are two important questions raised in Karen Engle’s The Elusive Promise of Indigenous Development: Rights, Culture, Strategy. Asking how indigenous advocacy has gotten where it is, Engle offers a provocative examination of international, regional, and domestic law related to indigenous peoples (and other groups that have “piggy-backed” on the successes of indigenous movements). A critical

  • Modern Family Final : Cultural Differences In Modern Family

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    (VOA News). Many children have the influence of two or more cultures within their families. Yet the influence of culture can extend in the environment as well. Growing up with Chinese parents but living in America I can feel the impact of both cultures and I am appreciative of both. There are moments in Modern Family where we can see both the “melting pot” of the Delgado-Pritchett marriage and the tension caused by the different cultures, and I find there are reasons why the sitcom portrays both perspectives

  • Outliers Reflection

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    After reading the chapter in the book Outliers, The Story of Success, I believe that Gladwell did a great job explaining how different cultures can cause an impact our to the society and the individuals. Although I love working in a work place that embraces diversity and is accepting of all kinds of people, this may lead to some challenges due to the differences that we pertain. For example, every coworker I work with is unique in his or her own way; we were all raised differently and were born into

  • Observed From The Standpoint Within Western Culture, It

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    Observed from the standpoint within Western Culture, it can be a challenge to fully step out of the context of it to gain an outside perspective. Nevertheless, it appears as a necessary aspect to question what is culture and what is not, to therefore get a clearer understanding of what we are as humans. Western Culture can arguably be considered one of the most influential cultures to the rest of the world, and is embedded deeply in the globalization movement of the world. It is not a surprise to

  • Who I Am Me Analysis

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    beyond the word itself. As a Colombian, I’m not just part of a group of categorized individuals; I’m a representation of a long-existing heritage, a vivid culture, and a magnificent history. From the hard-working campesino (farmer) in the ample coffee crops of the extensive Colombian cordilleras, to the innovative empresario (entrepreneur) in the capital of Bogotá, to the determined artesano (craftsman) working along the Atlantic coast, being Colombian means sharing a culture, a heritage, a history with