Colonial Williamsburg

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  • Colonial Williamsburg

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    Alex Elstrodt Colonial Williamsburg Essay Colonial Williamsburg was a key city during colonial times because Colonial Williamsburg had a great amount of important places in it. A book entry on January 9, 1716 about the Bruton Parish Church “Ordered that the men sit on the North side of the church, and the women on the left.” The Bruton Parish is the most important place in Williamsburg because it acted as a storehouse and a hospital during the battle of Yorktown and none of the other places has

  • The Revolutionary City Is Not Just An Area

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    with an adorned sense of place. Although Williamsburg was restored from its original structures, with some changes implemented by the modern centuries, an American faith has bestowed on the Tidewater town of Williamsburg, Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg adequately portrays how the area incorporates the cultures, hopes, aspirations, and conflicts of the American people of the time period. The Revolutionary City is not just an area that is composed of colonial streets and buildings. It is a community

  • Colonial Williamsburg Magazine

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    Magazine Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most known historic sites to go to because it was where we fought for our independence. It is where the governor lived, the House of Burgesses met, the capital was there for a bit of time until it moved to Richmond, and many other important ideas happened in Williamsburg. There are many shops and buildings in Williamsburg that hosted very important events and ideas. But the one that is most important and is deserving of a commemorative coin minted for

  • Trip To Colonial Williamsburg

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    might choose any of countless fabulous possibilities that you and your children can enjoy, from historical sightseeing in Williamsburg to several days exploring your theme parks of choice. Colonial Williamsburg This historic destination district is located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and it’s actually a living museum (the biggest one of its type in the world). Colonial Williamsburg can provide the edifying travel experience that you

  • Colonial Williamsburg Essay

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    Colonial Williamsburg was founded as the Capitol of the Virginia Colony in 1699. The city was preserved by Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and now shows an accurate representation of what life was like back then. It is used to educate our generation about how people in the early 1700s got along with their daily life. For example the blacksmiths, the guide explains how apprenticeship worked and the difficulties of their task. There are many other ways they preserve the city, along with the food, transportation

  • John Smith in Jamestown Essay

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    John Smith in Jamestown The leadership strengths and weaknesses of John Smith evoked a profound effect on the Jamestown colony. The fact that Smith actually arrived in the colony as a common prisoner and was able to achieve the leadership role that he gained is amazing. His creativity and knowledge in certain areas actually saved the colonists from attack and starvation in the early days. Some of the rules he enforced as a leader were actually instrumental in saving the colony. His skill in

  • Significance Of The Magazine

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    There are a lot of excellent significant landmarks that can be commemorated by a coin by the colonial Williamsburg foundation; but here are the four structures that are worthy of being commemorated: The Bruton Parish Church, the Capitol, the Governor's Palace, and the Magazine. Commemorate means to honor a certain place or a person. All these structures are important, but the most significant structure to commemorate is clearly the Magazine. According to my research, the Magazine is the best choice

  • Apothecary In The Colonial Era

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    Trades There were many interesting trades presented on this website. One of these trades that interested me the most was apothecary. Apothecary in the colonial era was a druggist who had a similar roles to what a doctor does today. They didn’t just provide medical treatment, or prescribe drugs but also performed surgeries as well. Reading more about this trade, I discovered that some apothecaries even trained to become man-midwives. Before reading this article, I had the assumption that the majority

  • Colonial Williamsburg: The Most Popular Destination

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    This city located in Virginia, a must see for history buffs youth. The city reflects the colonial era, where you and your family can have a chance to walk around the buildings of the "revolutionary war", you can participate in reenactments and can simply enjoy living history. Utilize and explore the gardens of Busch, which should prove fun for

  • The Most Important Building In Colonial Williamsburg

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    Colonial Williamsburg is a place that has many important artifacts and buildings that can help us with finding out the past. The most important building in Colonial Williamsburg is the Capitol. Since the Capitol is the most important it should have a commemorative coin. The Capitol deserves to have commemorative coin because it was very important during the colonial times. Also it still has value to citizens today. Another important thing about the Capitol is that it connects to the motto “that the