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    Colorado Elleyna Heims Colorado became a state on August 1, 1816. Colorado is the 38th state to become part of the United States of America. Colorado is known as the Centennial State. Its nickname is this because the Declaration of Independence had been signed 100 years prior. The capital of Colorado is Denver. The state bird is the Lark Bunting. The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is the state animal. One of the most common trees in Colorado is the Colorado Blue Spruce and it happens to be the state

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    Colorado - The Centennial State a. Flag b. State Map c. Location, Geography and Climate d. USA / Colorado Map e. State Bird, Motto, Seal, Tree and Flower II. History a. Ancient History b. Recent History and Famous Citizens III. Plants a. Buffalo, Antelope, Jackrabbit and Other Animals b. Various Plant Life c. Colorado’s Natural Resources IV. Special Features a. Rocky Mountains b. Pike’s Peak c. Sand Dunes National Monument d. Aspen e. State Capitol COLORADO The Centennial

  • The History Of Colorado

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    Colorado is known for its beauty, breathtaking views, healthy living, active life-style, its mountains, and superior skiing resorts. Colorado has the highest elevation out of any state! Over 1,000 Rocky Mountain peaks reach over 10,000 feet high and 54 tower above 14,000 feet (America, 2017). Running along the easternmost side of the southern Rocky Mountains is the Front Range also known as the “home to the western tip of the Great Plains” (Tourism, 2017). With all the obvious picturesque reasons

  • The State Of Colorado Utah

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    border of Colorado because of how big it was getting. Colorado has been said to the United States as the 38th state.The nickname for Colorado is The Centennial State.The state animal for Colorado is the bighorn sheep. The state bug is the hairstreak butterfly. The state reptile is the western painted turtle. The state bird is the lark bunting. The state fish is the greenback cutthroat trout. The state fruit is the peach. The state flower is the Colorado blue columbine. The state motto for Colorado is Nile

  • Travelers and Tourism in Colorado

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    Colorado is such a beautiful state. It brings in a lot of outsiders but not only for its beauty, but for its history as well. Travelers and tourists have been visiting Colorado since before the 19th century. However, during the 19th century, the development of Colorado boomed greatly because of its iconic people and the fact that so many travelers and tourists enjoyed seeing Colorado. The people contributed to making Colorado history more appealing to tourists so the state really emerged. Tourism

  • Chicago, Colorado, California

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    Denver, Colorado or as many know it as the mile high city, exactly one mile above sea level. Chicago, Illinois holds one of the tallest skylines in the world, including three of the five tallest buildings in America. The two cities vary dramatically, one is surrounded by Building’s and the other mountains. Chicago has multiple famous buildings and sculptures including the Willis tower. It’s also well known by many as the Sears tower, it is the second tallest skyscraper in America and eight tallest

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    Colorado is a beautiful and historical state; the wide open plains, the glorious tall mountains, the history of its people that have shaped Colorado into what it is today. There is a lot to explore and learn when it comes to the Centennial State. Because of its history, Colorado is considered to be the meeting ground amongst three sections in the American West; the Atlantic Coast and Mississippi Valley, North and South, and Massachusetts and Virginia. These sections have shaped and developed the

  • Essay on Travelers Guide To Colorado

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    Travelers Guide to Colorado      This is a travelers guide to the state of Colorado. Colorado is a unique and interesting place to visit. If the reader would want to go to Colorado, this is the report to read. This report has both statistics and fun things to go and do.      Colorado is state of mountains and hills. Colorado is the highest of the states elevation at over 14,000 feet high. Many people visit Colorado each year. Many of the people

  • 15th Judical Court in Colorado

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    morning fall hours of November 7th, 2013 within the minute desolate rural community of Cheyenne Wells, Colorado as entered the historic three story Victorian style building in which the 15th District Court of Cheyenne County which was playing host to several criminal court cases according to the court docket. The county happens to be the sixth least densely populated county within the state of Colorado in which provided a shocking revelation as the vastly large docket of criminal offenses in which was

  • Colorado River Rafting

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    Colorado river Rafting High within the pristine Rocky Mountain wild of Colorado, the mighty Colorado river begins. when winding its manner across Colorado, the river enters a number of the foremost spectacular river rafting destinations within the world. These unequaled embody celebrated Westwater canon, Southwest Sampler, Cataract Canyon through Canyonlands park, Grand Canyon six or seven Day Vacation, and Grand Canyon three Day river Trip or Grand Canyon four Day rafting tours. Rafting the Colorado