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  • Colorado Christian University Experience

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    The event or experience in my life that will influence my academic work and goals here at Colorado Christian University (CCU) is much more than a single event. I believe that everything in my life that has brought me to CCU to further my education and pursue God’s calling: helping people. Since I was four years old, sitting in my grandmother’s living room I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. Anytime anyone would ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would simply answer with that

  • Christian Colorado University Research Paper

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    completely. The truth is, the power of God is in each of us Christians and the same God that was

  • Reflective Journal: Colorado Christian University

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    Session 1, Reflective Journal Badoni, Harold Colorado Christian University   In the first Reflection, describe an event or an experience in your life that will influence your academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University.   Reflective Journal When I first decided to continue my education, I needed more than a normal academic training. I was looking for something with a more meaningful reason to existence, a higher purpose, and to fulfill the prodding determination to finish what I have

  • Reflection On Coming To Colorado Christian University

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    Weaver.Session1.Journal Prior to coming to Colorado Christian University, I will be honest, I have struggled academically. It is not that I am unintelligent in any capacity, but rather that I just have a hard time expressing the information that I have retained. I attended Taylor University in Upland, Indiana for two and a half years. My final year there was when I finally had a breakthrough and maintained acceptable grades in all of my courses. But that came after I dropped out for a semester, changed

  • Colorado Christian University: A Short Story

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    I was 48. She endured a battle with cancer more than once, the last of which took her life. Her bravery was shown in her faith in Jesus. This lifelong event will make all the difference in the world as I journey through my studies at Colorado Christian University exercising the bravery and faith in Jesus Christ as the most gracious and precious one who has gone before

  • Personal Statement : Colorado Christian University

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    There are many events and reasons that have influenced my decision to apply to Colorado Christian University. I currently have an associate’s degree of applied science from Garden City Community College in Garden City Kansas. I grew up in Colorado Springs, involved with New Life Church and went to The Classical Academy for elementary, middle and high school. I always had a love for technology, building and fixing things. I loved to figure out how things work from building computers and working on

  • An Analysis Of Colorado Christian University Technology

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    companies need to invest time and money into planning, investigating, and selecting the right software solutions, architecture and vendors to help them achieve high productivity and return on investment. To demonstrate, this paper will investigate Colorado Christian University’s (CCU)

  • An Event And Goals At Colorado Christian University Essay

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    an event or experience in my life that will influence my academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University. So many thoughts and memories surface I don’t know where to begin to make a long story short. I have survived so much I have no reason not to succeed her at Colorado Christian University. I lost my mother to breast cancer at the age of 14. My Father lived out of state at the time and returned to Colorado shortly after. My sister and I lived with my Aunt and Uncle after her passing. My

  • Education And Spiritual Growth : Colorado Christian University

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    Colorado Christian University has been a building stone in my educational and spiritual growth. The course Interpreting the Bible (BIB 230) is no exception to this concept in furthering my knowledge. It challenged me to think critically about the passages I am reading and to look at each word that the author uses. Learning to interpret the Bible takes a lot of research and many hours of reading the scriptures to comprehend how God is speaking through each author, which this course strengthened those

  • Personal Narrative: My Time At Colorado Christian University

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    How will I make the best of my time at Colorado Christian University? The same way I have made the best of the rest of my life. You see, I am very much the anomaly of almost every statistic on troubled teenagers. My childhood was not a pleasant one, as my mother’s second husband was not a very nice man. Because our family fell through the cracks in the Child Protective system, I found myself in a precarious position very early in life. Despite being a good student in high school, I was at the age